LaRouche's Four New Laws
to Save The U.S.A. Now!

Not An Option: An Immediate Necessity

LaRouche's Four New Laws
to Save The U.S.A. Now!

What You Can Do

 Contact Your Local Representative

Demand Obama's immediate removal and an FDR solution to the crisis.
Congress is home campaigning this month, now's the time to reach them in person.
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Find Congressional events in your area, participate in City Council meetings, post LaRouchePAC material in Facebook groups

 Write a 'Letter to the Editor'

Break the media blackout on the crash and the economic solutions by writing an editorial in your local paper

 Print and Distribute

The American People Can Defeat Obama Again, — To Stop a Worse Than 2008 Crash
First JASTA — Now, Pass Glass-Steagall!
The Four Laws to Save the U.S.A Now! Not an Option: An Immediate Necessity

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Contact us to ask questions before your intervention and report your experience to help us create a nationwide picture of the mobilization