Powerful Intervention Resonates at Modi's New York Event

modi.jpgA scene which, at age 28, I've only ever imagined—a sea of optimistic people, not simply "Rah rah" enthusiastic, although many were, but profoundly affected in their thinking by the profound implications of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and its presence in the U.S.A.

In the response we got from businessmen, community leaders, older retirees, families, students, and journalists from across the country, one could see that these Americans were deeply challenged by Modi's presence — they knew he was in New York as a world leader, not just a leader of India. What then, must they do, upon returning to their community, to help America join in this spirit? This was the character of their optimism, one of the 12 EIR organizers who were at Modi's event at the Madison Square Garden on the evening of Sept. 28 reported.

The atmosphere of contemplative awareness of the world at large was established in particular by Modi's speech at the UN General Assemby (UNGA) the day before, which most attendees had heard. We referenced Modi's call for a "G-All," in the context of Helga Zepp-LaRouche's call for a new global security architecture and warning of world war. This opened up many discussions about the insanity of NATO and most of all of Obama. We had made a determination [i]not[/i] to be cheerleaders for the BRICS, but to take the opportunity to challenge each person with LaRouche's warning against impending dictatorship. This provoked a significant anti-Obama response, with only perhaps 20% of the attendees showing any support for Obama, and none of that with much passion. During our intervention, we distributed 4,500 leaflets and made 50 contacts.

We found a tremendous awareness and anger at the Saudi role in financing terror from 9/11 to the Mumbai Massacre in 2008 to ISIS, and a recognition of Obama's treason in partnering with the Saudis and funding "good terrorists against bad" (which practice Modi had attacked the day before). This response was so significant that I believe the contacts made will be a major driver for attendance at our October 11th "28 pages" meeting. Many were excited to hear about the meeting.

A student, responding in agreement to our attacks on the British Empire, exclaimed plaintively, "Yes, I know — I am a product of the British Empire!" but then passionately agreed when an organizer corrected him, "No, you're a product of the future!"

A line of 19,000 people were snaking around the Garden (90% Indian-American, 10% Indians and Indians living in other countries besides U.S.), early in the morning before there was any other significant traffic. A crowd of people without tickets in front of the building, chanted "Modi, Modi, Modi!" and were filmed and interviewed by television and print journalists, primarily Indian.

Our highly effective leafletting operation covered each of the four corners of the Garden. Members and activists walked up and down the line of attendees, finding that a large majority of the attendees had seen Modi's UNGA speech.

We had two high-visibility stations: one on the corner across from the Garden, where we had deployed two tables, with large signs calling for impeachment, for the U.S. to join the BRICS, and for the end to "British-Saudi Terrorism and World War."

More remarkable in effect were our two signs held high above the crowd, in the media area. The signs, were colored in green and orange after the Indian flag, read, "LaRouche Welcomes PM Modi / U.S.A. Must Join India & BRICS" and "Modi's India Leads Humanity / Namaste, Mangalyaan,"—the last greeting India's Mars Orbiter Mission, as it is known by its Sanskrit name.

We were a unique intervention, standing out above the whole crowd with a profound message of optimism that resonated with the people. A television journalist from India TV made sure our signs were in frame during his report. We told people, "British geopolitics is over! Let's make the New System work!"

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  • Ron Rowlands
    commented 2014-11-10 10:10:39 -0500
    Narendra Modi’s going to also give the Truth to the large Indian Population in Australia , the truth is kept from them by the Australian Media , Plus he has been invited to Address the Australian Parliament, Hope he makes the Obama loving Abbott uneasy .

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