PETITION: Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!



The following appeal is being circulated internationally, including on the websites of the international LaRouche movement. 

The upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8-9, is expected to be yet another provocation against Russia. By signing this call, we say “stop” this nuclear escalation, before the irreparable occurs! 

The hour is grave. A new missile crisis is building, in a mirror image of that which led the Soviet Union in 1962 to deploy nuclear warheads in Cuba, at the doorstep of the United States. Today, the situation is the reverse. At the time, NATO was fighting the Warsaw Pact, today, it is organizing a summit in Warsaw! 

We the undersigned observe that NATO is carrying out a provocative policy of “encirclement”: 

  1. The continuous eastward expansion of NATO towards the borders of Russia, despite the guarantees given by the West to Gorbachov in 1989 that this would not happen; 
  2. The deployment of the Aegis anti-missile defense system in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain. These weapons, equipped with MK41 launchers, can be used for defensive missions (air, land, sea), but also for offensive attacks with nuclear weapons; 
  3. The planned permanent rotational deployment in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, of four battalions of 1,000 troops each, and heavy military equipment;
  4. The creation of a “Nordic Front” against Russia, comprised of an alliance of NATO members Denmark, Iceland and Norway, and of NATO's “Partnership for Peace” (Sweden and Finland); 
  5. The modernization of nuclear weapons, in particular the B61-12 bomb and the Long Range Standoff (LRSO) Cruise Missiles, based in Germany. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said of these weapons: "The so-called improvements to this weapon seemed to be designed... to make it more usable, to help us fight and win a limited nuclear war." 

To put an end to this threat, we demand: 

  1. that our government adopt a policy of the “empty chair” (boycott) at the next NATO summit in Warsaw; 
  2. that our government announce its intention to leave NATO which no longer has any “raison d’être”. 

To escape the current countdown to nuclear war, we also call on our government to create without delay the conditions for a new global peace and security architecture, based on the win-win cooperation proposed by the BRICS, cooperation which Europe and the United States, in their own interests, should join in. 

The vast efforts we deployed in the 20th Century for war, must be mobilized today for peace and mutual development!

Who's signing

William Page
patrick mcclure
Maurizio Rocca
Valerie Valentine
port of lodon uk
nick gregory
actress kelli giddish
Tamara Derzhavets
Thomas Dinnocenzo
stan bezold
Industrial Liechtensteiner
Robin Holt
Liz Leigh
Stop Russia
Merja Makela
valdite teixeira ferreira
Boris Prutkovsky
maurizio medda
Cam Cleary
Juan José Torres
Dimitrios Komesarios
a boyle
Anne Post
Daniel Abu
raymond saunders
Angelo Michellini
Abraham Kooiman
Francisco Díaz
Nadejda Aletkina
2,511 signatures

Will you sign?

  • William Page
    signed 2017-04-28 04:57:45 -0400
    War what is it good for. put more money in the rich man’s bank account .we are all spirit first and human second. look for the spirit in you and all others . be safe always.

    Love and light to all
  • patrick mcclure
    signed 2017-04-28 04:39:18 -0400
  • Maurizio Rocca
    signed 2017-04-28 04:04:16 -0400
  • Valerie Valentine
    signed 2017-04-28 03:55:14 -0400
  • port of lodon uk
    signed 2017-04-25 22:52:39 -0400
    vice president of the united states
  • nick gregory
    signed via 2017-04-25 22:48:13 -0400
  • actress kelli giddish
    signed via 2017-03-25 04:47:09 -0400
    dear president trump you need to stop ww3 before ww3 hits AMERICA and attack AMERICA in where trump tower at 721 5th avenue new YORK CITY NEW YORK US COMES DOWN AND destroy the NYC SUBWAY NORTH OF 57TH STREET & 7TH AVENUE IN NEW YORK NEW YORK US IN WHERE SECOND AVENUE BOUND N&Q TRAINS express WOULD both have to merge onto the q line at DEKALB AVENUE IN BROOKLYN NEW YORK US TO 96THstreet & second avenue in NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK UNITED STATES UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE plus north bound r&w trains at DEKALB avenue in BROOKLYN NEW YORK UNITED STATES TO WOULD ONTO THE D LINE TO west 4th street & WASHINGTON SQUARE in NEW YORK NEW YORK US BEFORE merging onto the f line TO 71st avenue & QUEENS BOULEVARD in QUEENS NEW YORK UNITED STATES of AMERICA UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE plus free connection to the LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD at 71st avenue & QUEENS BLVD IN QUEENS NEW YORK UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PLUS in between at 47th & 50th streets ROCKEFELLER center in NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK US some trains would merge onto the 53rd street line to 71st avenue & queens blvd in QUEENS NEW YORK UNITED STATES plus free shuttle buses would be around until future notice south bound LOCAL r&w trains at 71st avenue in queens NEW YORK UNITED STATES WOULD start on the f line to west 4th street & WASHINGTON square in NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK US BEFORE merging onto the D LINE TO DEKALB avenue in BROOKLYN NEW YORK UNITED STATES before merging onto the n line to coney island still will avenue & to bay ridge 95th street & 4th avenue on the r line in BROOKLYN NEW YORK UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNTIL FUTURE notice plus free shuttle buses would be around until future notice plus express north bounds r&w trains at DEKALB avenue IN BROOKLYN NEW YORK UNITED STATES would merge onto the q line to LEXINGTON AVENUE & 63th street in NEW YORK NEW YORK US BEFORE merging onto the f line to 71st avenue & queens boulevard in QUEENS NEW YORK UNITED STATES UNTIL future notice
  • Tamara Derzhavets
    signed via 2017-02-24 03:03:11 -0500
    Thank you so much for your work!
  • Thomas Dinnocenzo
    signed 2017-01-19 23:20:36 -0500
  • stan bezold
    signed 2016-12-03 00:42:31 -0500
  • Industrial Liechtensteiner
    signed 2016-11-16 15:03:28 -0500
    Stop WWIII!
  • Robin Holt
    signed 2016-11-02 13:53:39 -0400
  • Liz Leigh
    signed 2016-10-26 15:50:11 -0400
    Leave NATO now ! ! !
  • Stop Russia
    signed 2016-10-17 18:28:56 -0400
  • Merja Makela
    signed 2016-10-14 02:57:12 -0400
  • valdite teixeira ferreira
    signed 2016-10-12 21:55:36 -0400
    valdite teixeira ferreira
  • Boris Prutkovsky
    signed 2016-10-11 18:36:50 -0400
  • maurizio medda
    signed 2016-10-09 08:58:39 -0400
    Let the american bood thirsty monster military industrial complex die and " REST IN PEACE".
  • Cam Cleary
    signed 2016-09-22 23:08:56 -0400
    NATO & the rest of the US Criminal Coalition are the Major Dangers to World Peace & Security.

    These countries are the Creators, Supporters, Financiers, Weapon-isers & Directors of Global Terrorism!!!

    Their Hold over Western mainstream media is near total, making 99% of western media merely Presstitute Propagandisers promoting the Destruction of Developing Countries, the Demonisation & Destruction of Independent Countries & Ultimately supporters of Global Terrorism & War Mongering!!!
  • Juan José Torres
    signed 2016-09-22 13:55:55 -0400
    La OTAN está creada para la guerra, no para la paz
  • Dimitrios Komesarios
    signed 2016-09-20 04:34:47 -0400
  • a boyle
    signed 2016-09-06 11:36:37 -0400
    alisa boyle
  • Anne Post
    signed via 2016-09-04 10:39:10 -0400
  • Daniel Abu
    signed via 2016-09-03 14:39:13 -0400
    1. NATO was created to deter USSR from expanding. USSR has been gone for 26 years, why do we still have NATO.

    2. If NATO is supposed to protect Europe, why did it bomb Yugoslavia?

    3. What did Libya evey do to the EU?

    4. If NATO was supposed to protect Europe, why is there so much terrorism there today and so many deaths and explosions??

    Just to name a few. NATO has lost it’s credibility, so it should be disbanded.
  • Raymond Saunders
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-27 16:09:03 -0400
    Sign the petition: Petition to Leave NATO
  • raymond saunders
    signed via 2016-08-27 16:07:37 -0400
  • Angelo Michellini
    signed via 2016-08-24 14:04:52 -0400
  • Abraham Kooiman
    signed 2016-08-23 19:01:05 -0400
  • Francisco Díaz
    signed via 2016-08-22 14:22:42 -0400
    Debemos parar esta locura suicida inmediatamente. Estamos viviendo unos momentos extremadamente peligrosos para toda la Humanidad. Esta pesadilla interminable es la peor crisis de toda Historia de la especie humana, solo comparable a la crisis de los misiles de Cuba de Octubre de 1962, que solo duró 13 días. No se puede ganar una guerra termonuclear. No queremos convertirnos en humo radioactivo, ni nosotros, ni nuestros hijos, ni nuestros nietos, ni el Planeta Tierra.
  • Nadejda Aletkina
    signed via 2016-08-21 12:20:52 -0400
    Everybody have to sign this petition who cares for the future of our children, for the future of this world. Despite that the Warsaw NATO Summit is over, the Petition is still running and collecting the signatures! Despite that you do not believe in petitions, despite of everything – sign it! Make effort to stop insanity! WAR SAW – very stand alone place. Pope fainted there – he sensed the big war is coming?..

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