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The Jan. 27, 1989 Jailing of Lyndon LaRouche Defined an Era, Which Now Must End

We Call Upon President Trump to Exonerate LaRouche!

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Published January 28, 2019

Many Americans sat in stunned amazement in January as the venerable New York Times and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s apparatus moved to put the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on trial for treason, because he dared to meet and converse with Russian President Vladimir Putin; because he has referred to NATO as being “obsolete” and questioned its role; and because he fired his director of the FBI, James Comey, as the Constitution prescribes he has the authority to do. Jaws dropped as it became public that top echelons of the FBI, the CIA, and the Democratic Party—all on instructions from British intelligence—had been, and still are to this day, engaged in an active coup d’état against the elected President of the United States. Many of you reading these lines today are rightly aghast at the fact that these actors, although they have not yet achieved their objective, have so far gotten away with their plot, and that they act with seeming impunity. “How is that possible?” you ask yourself and your friends.

To find the answer to that question, you only need look to the events of Jan. 27, 1989—precisely 30 years ago—when Lyndon H. LaRouche and a group of associates were railroaded into prison with lengthy sentences, for crimes they never committed. The frame-up and jailing of LaRouche, facilitated by years of lying media vilification of LaRouche and his movement, which continues to this day, was carried out by the same British-run political apparatus—in many cases, by the same individual hit-men, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller—that today is out to topple the President of the United States.

And it is because they were able to carry out that injustice against LaRouche 30 years ago, despite massive opposition nationally and internationally from prominent civil rights and human rights leaders, elected officials and legal scholars, that they are at it again today, on a grander scale.

In fact, the five-year jailing of Lyndon LaRouche defined an entire era of modern U.S. history, much as the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy did.

There is no exaggeration in that statement. Ramsey Clark, who served as Attorney General of the United States under President Lyndon Johnson, and who also represented LaRouche in his appeals to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, stated in an April 26, 1995 open letter to then Attorney General Janet Reno: 

“I bring this matter [the LaRouche case] to you directly, because I believe it involves a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge.”

Clark also said:

“In what was a complex and pervasive utilization of law enforcement, prosecution, media, and non-governmental organizations focused on destroying an enemy, this case must be number one…
“The purpose can only be seen as destroying—more than a political movement, more than a political figure—it is those two; but it’s a fertile engine of ideas, a common purpose of thinking and studying and analyzing to solve problems, regardless of the impact on the status quo, or on vested interests. It was a deliberate purpose to destroy that at any cost.

With LaRouche’s jailing, America and the world were deprived of their most illustrious statesman and economist.

Because LaRouche’s policies for replacing the deadly looting of Wall Street and the City of London with a just New World Economic Order of universal, high-tech development were not implemented, hundreds of millions of people around the world remained in poverty and tens of millions perished unnecessarily. It has only been with China’s recent adoption of policies very similar to those proposed by LaRouche up to 50 years ago, that the genocide has stopped in at least large parts of the planet.

Because LaRouche’s SDI policy, as adopted and proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, was sabotaged and not carried out, the world today teeters at the edge of thermonuclear confrontation. Only a return to LaRouche’s original design of the SDI ballistic missile defense system—based on new physical principles and cooperation with Russia and China, not against them—can now pull us back from the brink.

Because LaRouche’s proposal for cooperation between East and West after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany—famously forecast by LaRouche in October 1988—was rejected, and LaRouche was hauled off to jail scarcely three months later, Russia was ravaged and the West looted under Thatcher, Bush, and Mitterrand. And a wave of permanent wars was unleashed, which is with us still today.

Because LaRouche’s proposed war on drugs against London’s Dope, Inc. banking apparatus was never implemented, a drug epidemic today is poisoning our nation and the world.

And because LaRouche’s policies for generating a new Renaissance of classical culture and science were swept aside, we now stare into the pit of hell of a New Dark Age that is engulfing our youth in particular.

Some among you may disagree. Some may think that no jailing of a single man, no matter how unjustly, could possibly cause such results. But those thinking that way have yet to understand how real history works, how ideas are the driving force of humanity’s advance. In fact, the entire body of LaRouche’s life work and his extensive scientific writings, address precisely that central question: the role of man’s unique creativity in shaping his own history, and that of the physical universe around him. Read and study LaRouche if you wish to understand why the British Empire so fears him.

On March 30, 1984, Lyndon LaRouche wrote a Draft Memorandum of Agreement Between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., with a vision for the future which remains as scientifically valid today as it was 35 years ago. In it, LaRouche stated:

The political foundation for durable peace must be: a) The unconditional sovereignty of each and all nation-states, and b) Cooperation among sovereign nation-states to the effect of promoting unlimited opportunities to participate in the benefits of technological progress, to the mutual benefit of each and all.

The most crucial feature of present implementation of such a policy of durable peace is a profound change in the monetary, economic, and political relations between the dominant powers and those relatively subordinated nations often classed as “developing nations.” Unless the inequities lingering in the aftermath of modern colonialism are progressively remedied, there can be no durable peace on this planet.

Insofar as the United States and Soviet Union acknowledge the progress of the productive powers of labor throughout the planet to be in the vital strategic interests of each and both, the two powers are bound to that degree and in that way by a common interest. This is the kernel of the political and economic policies of practice indispensable to the fostering of durable peace between those two powers.

It is time that the damage done by LaRouche’s incarceration three decades ago be repaired—not only because such a terrible injustice was done to LaRouche, but because that injustice has emboldened the British Empire to use the same methods against a sitting President of the United States, which endangers all of humanity. What better way to defend the United States of America and all of humanity than to exonerate LaRouche, ensure that his policies are at last adopted, and recognize his ideas for what they are, the acts of one of history’s greatest geniuses, affording him his rightful place in history?

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We, the undersigned, call on President Donald Trump to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche.


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    Historically the most corrupt president is being asked for exoneration to LaRouche?

    You are justifying the corrupt practices of this Mafia boss, the most selfish president, the racist, white supremacist by using baseless conspiracy theories!!
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    Sign the petition to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, a true American patriot. I just did!
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    Hang all traitors starting with the British Royal Family
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    It is time to take the position of honesty and freedom.
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    If those who really see truth true peace and true justice are truly of sound mind this is is a no BRAINER
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    Patricia Riley
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    I am British living in the UK and I know that our governments and secret services are out of control, well under some interests control but not democratic control or even under the control of our governments.
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    Sign the petition to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, a true American patriot. I just did!
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    Everyone who wants the secret government to be destroyed should sign this petition and tell all their friends and family to sign also.
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    I agree that the same people who hate Lyndon Larouche also hate Donald Trump, because he said that he wanted a new Glass Seagal which would bankrupt the Wall Street and throw them into receivership and virtually eliminate them as an institution. That Wall Street is basically a Branch Office of the British Empire and has been ever since Aaron Burr set it up to challenge what Alexander Hamilton did by setting up the First National Bank of the United State. The US First National Bank is a US Corporation that is owned and operated by the US Government as Chartered by Hamilton to regulate and Generate Credit for the building up of the US Economy and it the only way that a sovereign Nation State could ever exist. This system that Hamilton put together is what known as the American System. The Second National Bank and the Green Back Dollar were also Government Generated Credit System too. Since these are the only real example of a true American System of Economics, there is currently nobody alive today that has experience it or even would know what it would look like or could explain to the rest of us how it worked, but, any attempt to explain it to you from what I know is hard to do.

    But, before I do that, it might be important to do a backward look at the United State and what the US Constitution did to the Nature of the United States and to it Money System along with the Creation of the First National of the US of America. Before the US Constitution were under the Article of Confederations which basically we were not one Nation, but, Thirteen Nation in a confederation or union as such. This is where the idea of state right originated from, because we had thirteen independent nation that could operate ether together with the other state or independently from them, because, they sovereign and independent nation state that choose to operate together to secure there independence from Great Britain and nothing more. To prove this point that we had 13 independent nation and not one independent nation. All thirteen had there own banking system and you had to go to a money changer to get the money from the other state to do business in that state, because they would not accept the money from the state that your in. As far as money, the Federal Government had no way to get money to pay it debts or even carry on even the minimum that a Federal Government should be able to do. The Federal Government is basically a Welfare Recipient of the State in had to agree or decide to give the US Government to pay it bills or operation capital. If your a Libertarian you would like this, because, this is minimum government, but, it doesn’t work. All the State could sign business deal and sign treaty with foreign powers and it didn’t make any difference whether it was one of the other state against another the US States or foreign country altogether and it could even be Great Britain itself against one of the other state even. The National Law of the United State had no power of enforcement. Either the State or individual people could either choose to honor the National Laws or they could completely and totally disregard those laws, because, there was nobody out to enforce those laws. This is what Alexander Hamilton was looking at and why he was pushing for Constitutional Convention to replace the Article of Confederation. Of course he didn’t say that that was his intention, because, most of the time were pro Article of Confederation and that includes Jefferson too, that why he wasn’t invited to the US Constitutional Convention. Hamilton was looking for pro Federalist kind of thinkers, Washington, Ben Franklin, James Morison, he the one that pinned to Preamble of the Constitution threw it on top and said, hay guys also have a Preamble too guys. It was Hamilton that ask if he could give presentation as to why there, there for and Washington who was the President of the Constitutional Convention gave him permission to address the convention. That when Alexander Hamilton unloaded and told everyone what was going on and that they were here to write a New Constitution for the United State and he took about six hours to explain it to them and why it was necessary to have a New Constitution. After that, was when they started the Current Constitution that we now have. Eleven States Voted on the US Constitution. Road Island refused to show up and New York the State that Hamilton is from, when the rest of the representative from New York saw what Hamilton was doing they turned around left so New York didn’t have a forum left to vote on either accepting or rejecting the US Constitution. When it came time to compile the all the information for the US Constitution, four people were picked to edit what they were doing. Three of those four people came from New York and one from one of the other States. James Morrison a co confederate and thinker of the thing that Alexander Hamilton to do, pins the Preamble, there is no indication that Hamilton knew what he was going to do. Hamilton is one of the three Ghost Writers that Penned the Federalist Papers to convince the New Yorker people why they should vote for and why they should want it, especially after not being able to put together a forum from New York. Now if we have the Federalist Papers, we also have the Anti-Federalist Papers written by other Patriots telling why we don’t want the US Constitution, like Patric Henry and his group. Mentally and emotionally Jefferson seem to line up with the Anti-Federalist group and that why he and Hamilton was always bumping heads with each other in Washington Cabinet. Fortunately Washington leaned to Hamilton rather than Jefferson. Even today, most people say that there a Jefferson man and not a Hamilton man. For example the setting up of the First Nation Bank, was Hamilton’s Idea, Jefferson apposed it. Believe in artificial Labor as in manufacturing to increase the productive power of the people doing the work. That the US Government should promote such activities. This is the foundation of the American System of economics as apposed to the British System of economics of free trade, free enterprise system. Jefferson finally got his way. He was the third President of the United States and the Charter to renew the First National Bank came up and he Veto it. They went to Switzerland get them self a banker and they set him up as a replacement for the First National Bank. For those of you that don’t understand what that means, it a Federal Reserve kind of Bank. For those of you that don’t know what the Federal Reserve System is, I will tell. The Federal Reserve isn’t Federal, it just has Federal in it name. Like Federal Express, everyone understand that is a private Corporation and has nothing to do with the US Government at all. Not only is it not Federal, it has no Reserves either. What powers it does have under the Federal Reserve Act that put it in place, is the power to generate credit. What the Federal Reserve is, is a private bank that owned by other private banks through something called shares. Now these share aren’t traded on the New York Stock Exchange. That why we can have a Bull Market on Wall Street and Big Banks can make record profits, while the US Economy is tanking. The primary difference between the Federal Reserve and the US First and Second National Bank is the Federal System is Private Banking System that has a US Charter to act as the Central Bank of the United States and US First and Second National Banks System is a US Government owned system of banking. Each system of banking does different things. Federal Reserve is financial economy vs a physical economy system and the First National Bank is the other one or the physical economy system. In a Federal Reserve type Banking System, you are drawing money out of the system and you will eventually consume it and destroy what ever economy that it operating in. It only a matter of when that happens, but, the end results are certain. They can still pull tricks and delay it a little while, but, they can’t stop it, it endemic to the private banking of Debt, usury and suck in the system. The First National Bank, we are using the money that it create to finance the build up of the physical economy and to develop new technology and not for the purpose of making money. Although they look similar in structure, one is private and is for financing financial system and the other is public and it purpose to to finance Physical Economy.

    Now back to Jefferson and what he and his group did and I probably shouldn’t what happened if you been following what I been telling you. The US Economy went into the toilet. Some people claim that it was because of the War of 1812 is why it became necessary for the Second National. That not true, the end of the First National Bank Several Years before the War of 1812 and the US Economy was already in serious trouble. The War of 1812 only speeded things up a bit, because war are very expensive. The War of 1812 was basically a draw. They decided to negotiate a peace treaty, because, both side was going bankrupt. Nether side got what they wanted out of this war. The British refinanced the British Empire by buying cotton from the South sending it to England to make textiles out of it like clothing and such things as that. They then shipped those textiles to India where they traded it for opium which they shipped to China at gun point I might add for them to take it. Then they shipped the money back to England to those private banks. If you want more information on this matter, pick up a book called “Dope Inc.”. For anybody wanting more information or if you want to go into more detail on this subject matter. What did the US do, don’t everybody yell at once. They set up the Second National to deal with there credit crunch problem and rebuild a physical economy instead of looting somebody else for there wealth, but, we created our own Wealth internally. Not like what we are doing today, which is a throw back to the old British Empire.

    The third time that the US Government wholly owned and operated it own banking system completely and not in part was during Abraham Lincoln Presidency. It was the T-Bills or the Treasury Notes. For those people that don’t think that the First National Bank and the Second Nations Bank played no role in the development of the United State. I would like you to remember that the Treasury Dept with there Treasury Notes was using the same pattern that Hamilton used to Setup the First National Bank and later the Second National Bank. Instead of chartering a new Government own and operated Third National Bank, Abraham Lincoln pitched the issue of Generating Public Credit the Treasury Department. Prior to Abraham Doing that, he had about 3,000 different credit system out there generating credit. After the collapse of the Second National Bank Andrew Jackson Vetoed at the behest of Aaron Burr who is a British Tory who is wanted for Treason. Why was he wanted for Treason, while he was Vice President under Jefferson Presidency. He went out west with his British backers who are behind him and is supporting his efforts in the United States. He had a task for of British Solders with him in the Kentucky and Tennessee. There goal was to ripe off Kentucky Tennessee from the United States and set Aaron Burr up as a King and denying the United State access to the Mississippi River. One of the people that was with then and who was an American got spooked and went back to Washington to inform them of what going on out west. Aaron Burr had to leave the country real quick and he stay gone for a long time before he came back and then even then stayed out of the public sight. If you want more information on

    Aaron Burr, get Treason in America Book, that where I got my information from. With no public credit like a First or Second National and nor did they have a Private Central Bank like the Federal Reserve System, there was nobody issuing credit. With nobody generating credit and if say you own a lumber mill and you wanted to sell your lumber, you would generate your own credit notes. Like this note say you can have board of certain size And/or the number of boards. Somebody else is making or doing some else and you trade notes to do business. It basically who ever could produce something a large enough people could generate a credit note and probably did. Now back to Abraham Lincoln, he used the T-Bill to fight the Civil War, tear up half the Country, rebuild half the Country, Build the transcontinental Rail Road, kick off second industrial boom, ect, ect. and most of it was done by using Government credit. Next time you hear some one say that it not important for the US Government to control it own credit, he or she is either ignorant matter or he or she is a bold face lair.

    I took a around about way to get here, but, we are to the original point that I wanted to make about the South succeeding from the Union. Under the US Constitution we aren’t fifty Nation, but, we are one Nation with fifty members in it. Before the American Civil War, a Virginian would say I am a Virginia and we are in the United States. After the American Civil War a Virginian say this is America and we are in Virginia. Grammatically if we were still under the Article of Confederation, the first one would be Grammatically Correct and the Second one would be wrong. Because, Virginia is a Sovereign Nation onto itself. But, under the US Constitution the Second is correct, because, the United States is sovereign nation here. We all do it and we don’t even think about doing it anymore. Today we say this IS the United

    States single and you ARE in Virginia plural. Before the American Civil War, if we lived during that time we Would say you ARE in America plural and this IS Virginia single. It took about 80 years and one Civil War later for the to understand that this is one Nation and bot several Nations. Anybody yelling States Rights, doesn’t understand American History or what the US Constitution means or why our Grammar changed after the American Civil War as to how we refer to our self’s to other people.

    I must apologize for writing such a long comment. Some times when I get on a subject, I get carried away and I kind of lose myself in what I am doing. However, if you read it down this far, you probably enjoyed it, because, it reveals American History in a way that you have never seen American History. Should decide to reprint it for other people to read, feel free to do so, you have my permission to do so.

    Have a Good one, Larry
  • Richard Schei
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