Petition: We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission


"If God wanted man to become a spacefaring species,

he would have given man a moon."

– Krafft Ehricke

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We, the undersigned, pledge our commitment to the following program, and we call upon President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to commit to it as well. 

  • Successfully realize the Artemis mission to bring mankind—including the first woman—to the Moon to stay in 2024, as President Trump and his NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine have called for.

  • Make Artemis the first step towards the industrialization of the Moon, as the economic platform enabling human colonization of Mars and human exploration of the Solar System—as first thoroughly defined by the late space visionary Krafft Ehricke.

  • Develop advanced fusion propulsion spacecraft, fueled by the helium-3 resources on the Moon—enabling safe and rapid human travel to Mars and other regions in the Solar System, with the goal of achieving constant one-gravity acceleration/deceleration as the standard for human interplanetary missions.

  • Achieve this Moon-Mars program through an international 50-year crash program, as outlined by the late economist Lyndon LaRouche—ensuring the high rates of economic payback on Earth which can only be reached by developing new space and fusion technologies, and sharing those technologies internationally as the basis for durable peace on this planet.

  • Reform or eliminate the speculative and predatory aspects of the international financial system, as a necessary step to ensure sovereign nations can generate the long-term credit agreements needed to facilitate this mission.

  • Remove barriers to international collaboration in space—especially impediments to U.S. cooperation with China and Russia (as typified by the so-called Wolf Amendment, barring NASA from working with China). 

This program coheres with remarks made by Lyndon LaRouche to a December 2009 international conference in Russia:

In order to realize the objectives which stand before us now, we have to give mankind a new mission—mankind as a whole. The mission is typified by the idea of the Mars colonization program. This requires us to make the kinds of changes, in terms of scientific progress, which are needed for mankind's future existence.

We have many problems on this planet. And we can not solve those problems, extensively, without going into a development of the Solar System as a habitat of mankind. We're on the edge of doing that, scientifically. There are many scientific discoveries, yet to be made, which will make it possible to act for man's colonization of Mars. That will be in some time to come. But what we need now is the intention of accomplishing the Mars colonization program. We need to educate and develop generations of young people, who will be oriented to that kind of mission. In the coming period, we will have the birth of young people who will be part of the colonization of Mars, in one way or the other, before this century is out.

We need to give mankind a sense of purpose, developmental purpose, not only throughout the planet, but through the influence of Earth on the adjoining regions of the Solar System, and beyond.

Those objectives are feasible. There are, admittedly, many problems to be solved, scientific problems, which are not yet resolved. We have many questions. But, essentially, we know this is feasible. We know this should be feasible within two or three generations. What we have to do, is give to people, who will be the grandchildren, born now, to give them something to realize. When we're dead and gone, they will be there, three generations from now, four generations from now. They will be the people who actually colonize areas beyond Earth itself. We need to give them the opportunity to do so. We need to give society, in the meantime, the mission-orientation of achieving that colonization, for our descendants, three generations or so down the line.

We, the undersigned, pledge our commitment to realizing this Moon-Mars mission, and we call upon President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to commit to it as well.


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Steven Love
Thomas Russell
James Stinziani
jens sundström
Halvor Raknes
William Ferguson
John Verbeeck
Edward Carl
John (Bill) Cartwright
Loretta Pasco
Timothy Mangum
Jonnie Steiner
Greg Trombley
Marsha Freeman
Susan Bowen
Mary Crowe
John St. Fleur
Richard Burden
Joe Cope
Kenneth Honma
Ken Berg
Ernest Washington
Jason Cottle
Judy Clark
Gerald Kopp
Daniel Menuet
Heike, Joachim Leppich
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  • Steven Love
    signed via 2019-08-02 16:30:15 -0400
  • Thomas Russell
    signed via 2019-08-02 15:58:57 -0400
    It’s only logical to set up a base on the Moon as the next public space venture. It will inspire imaginations and refocus our intentions as a species.
  • James Stinziani
    signed via 2019-08-02 15:23:00 -0400
  • jens sundström
    signed via 2019-08-02 11:47:26 -0400
  • Halvor (Raknes)
    @HalvorHalvor tweeted link to this page. 2019-08-02 11:03:16 -0400
    Sign LaRouchePAC's petition to support Trump's 2024 Moon landing as the first step to an international lunar industrialization and Mars colonization program.
  • Halvor Raknes
    signed via 2019-08-02 11:02:41 -0400
  • William Ferguson
    signed via 2019-08-02 10:05:53 -0400
  • John Verbeeck
    signed via 2019-08-02 06:08:36 -0400
  • Edward Carl
    signed via 2019-08-02 05:20:38 -0400
  • John (Bill) Cartwright
    signed via 2019-08-02 00:24:54 -0400
  • Loretta Pasco
    signed 2019-08-02 00:11:58 -0400
  • Mr. Electric
    @ElectricTranspo tweeted link to this page. 2019-08-01 23:42:45 -0400
    Sign LaRouchePAC's petition to support Trump's 2024 Moon landing as the first step to an international lunar industrialization and Mars colonization program.
  • Timothy Mangum
    signed via 2019-08-01 23:42:13 -0400
  • Jonnie Steiner
    signed via 2019-08-01 23:28:22 -0400
  • Greg Trombley
    signed via 2019-08-01 23:13:47 -0400
  • Marsha Freeman
    signed via 2019-08-01 11:50:53 -0400
  • Susan Bowen
    signed via 2019-08-01 10:39:56 -0400
  • Mary Crowe
    signed via 2019-08-01 01:52:12 -0400
    Abolish the Green, British Thomas Malthus depopulation agenda NOW and start living as human beings in a progressive intelligent mind frame for the betterment of living standards for all humans on this planet.

    Everyone has a mind and a brain to improve everything, not the Green Agenda that is an old British Empirial monetary created regime for depopulation in the forms of wars, starvation, austerity measures and intentional economic and financial collapse etc, that’s already in process by the global cabal of the empire to maintain their power around the globe.

    Mr President Trump, you promised the Glass-Steagall Law but do far you are in fact using the same old British Imperial System; interest rate cuts, what does that mean for the people in America and around the world. It’s a very bad example you are pushing and is only robbing from the everyday person to increase the riches of the elites.

    You are unfortunately proving to be a great disappointment to the world (with especially not mentionioning these days of the imminent and oncoming financial / economic collapse that’s going to ruin the worlds living standards) and your promise regarding banking separation, Glass-Steagall Law during your first campaigning days so your luck of winning the next presidential election will be greatly diminished unless you bring in the Glass-Steagall law “before” the collapse, “not after” as you are somehow proving to the world, so as to perhaps go along with the global cabal to keep them content.

    Mr President please do what you initially promised to restore the people’s faith around the world and that is no other than,

    Glass-Steagall now and the Hamiltonian Credit System (that your mate President Xi of China has already achieved as a great success to the Chinese people in getting over 800 thousand of their people out of poverty. That to me is a beautiful human being and a future for all people in this world.

    Australia is awaiting your response now!
  • John St. Fleur
    signed via 2019-07-31 23:30:30 -0400
  • Richard Burden
    signed via 2019-07-31 22:42:07 -0400
  • Joe Cope
    signed via 2019-07-31 16:39:36 -0400
    Let’s get going!
  • Kenneth Honma
    signed via 2019-07-31 13:29:22 -0400
  • Kenji Bergamoto
    @OperationIceAge tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-31 11:07:55 -0400
    Sign LaRouchePAC's petition to support Trump's 2024 Moon landing as the first step to an international lunar industrialization and Mars colonization program.
  • Ken Berg
    signed 2019-07-31 11:07:12 -0400
  • Ernest Washington
    signed via 2019-07-31 10:11:34 -0400
    Ernest Washington
  • Jason Cottle
    signed via 2019-07-31 07:56:44 -0400
    Jason Cottle
  • Judy Clark
    signed via 2019-07-31 07:30:53 -0400
    Thanks again to the Leadership of Lyndon LaRouche’s organization for taking up this Initiative for the development of Mankind’s future in Space, and for joining peacefully with the othere great space faring Nations to bring about a full Renaissance on Earth through the Belt and Road Initiatives, which will surely expedite the progress of all these efforts, in fact, without which, none of us will succeed in securing a Human creative Future.
  • Gerald Kopp
    signed via 2019-07-31 05:43:24 -0400
  • Daniel Menuet
    signed via 2019-07-31 04:02:12 -0400
    Daniel Menuet
  • Heike, Joachim Leppich
    signed via 2019-07-31 03:36:12 -0400