Baltimore Sun (online) posts L2E critical of editorial attacking Russia,Syria re: Aleppo

The  letter was posted after 11 days after much editing.They left out parts that attacked the whole "Regime Change" policy of Bush and Obama, my attack on the "White Helmets" operation, and the 'BRICS" development policy.

Where's the outrage over Saudi atrocities in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia has committed war crimes in Yemen with U.S. help.

Why is there no concern about the bombings of civilians at weddings and funerals and of hospitals and schools by Saudi warplanes in Yemen using U.S. weapons and mid-air refueling?

Despite the State Department propaganda laundered through the U.S. media, Russia is assisting the Syrian government to defend the Syrian population against all terrorist jihadists.

Many U.S. military leaders have said there are no "moderate rebels" who are not working with or who aren't themselves jihadist terrorists.

 The Defense Intelligence Agency recently released emails that have exposed U.S./Saudi collusion with Syrian terrorists, including ISIS. Your editorial attacks the Russian and Syrian campaign to drive out al-Nusra (formerly called al-Qaeda, and now renamed Fatah al-Sham).

Why is your editorial supporting giving weapons, training and supplies to "moderate terrorists " in Syria? Why no outcry about U.S. bombing of civilians, hospitals, schools in the Syrian city of Manbij?

The U.S. should end its alliance with the barbaric Saudis and hold them accountable for their role in supporting al-Qaida's Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

Martin Glaser, Baltimore

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