Marching Orders: Surrender Is Not an Option, Anything Less Than Pure Fighting Optimism Now Will Lose the War

Latest update: January 17

This Week’s Marching Orders 

(1).  Make Your Voice Heard.  Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives.  Tell them, No, to the unconstitutional impeachment of Donald J. Trump.  No, to any “punishment” of Senators and Representatives who voted for debate and investigation of the vote fraud which did occur on November 3rd.    Yes, to the reinstatement of the Bill of Rights for everyone, starting with the First and Fourth Amendments.  End the surveillance and censorship police state, and the effort to destroy the United States through corporatist fascism, totalitarian suppression, destruction of the Constitution, and falsification of our actual history.

(2).  Organize.  Form study groups, modeled on Ben Franklin’s committees of correspondence, to prepare yourself to run for office and run the country. Educate yourself in the American System of political economy advocated by Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon LaRouche and the classical culture which must supersede the hedonistic and nihilistic counterculture now destroying our country.   Help us organize active coalitions of producers:  farmers, manufacturers, scientists, engineers, first responders, veterans, constituency leaders, and citizens fighting for fundamental scientific and technological progress at the local, state, and national level. 

3).  Begin the investigations.  There must be a national litigation effort in the battleground states, launching civil suits to prove the vote fraud, as well as holding accountable those Republican officials who failed to perform the most elementary ballot security for President Trump.  Candidates, companies and donors to the Republican Party and independents will prove themselves to the citizens to the extent they organize and support this by funding competent legal representation and investigations.

There must also be an honest investigation of all of the events leading to the January 6th intended Reichstag Fire event at the Capitol, focused on the role of the leaders of the House and Senate, D.C. Mayor Bowser, the intelligence agencies and their media tools, and the leaders of the Great Reset, the latest form of the deindustrialization and hollowing out of the United States amidst world-wide Malthusian genocide, sponsored by the modern British Empire. 

(4).  Begin the boycott.  More than half of America voted for Trump and wield enormous economic power if mobilized, focused, and organized. How is this for a viral idea? Masses of Americans stop supporting Amazon, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Comcast, Hallmark, Loew’s Hotels, Simon & Schuster, AIRBNB, Amex, Mastercard, AT&T, Best Buy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cisco, Dow, Edison International, Exelon, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Kraft Heinz, Marriott, MassMutual, Nike, State Street, Verizon, Walmart, and Walt Disney. These companies or trade lobbies (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) have instructed their political action committees, or, undertaken themselves (Hallmark and Lowe’s), to punish Senators and Congressman who voted for debate concerning the vote fraud which occurred on November 3rd. It is they, not the Senators and Congressmen, who are trashing the Constitution. Alternative vendors spring up or are found. Citizens holding stock in these corporations sell it and tell these companies it’s because they have trashed the U.S. Constitution. Companies who are members of local U.S. Chamber chapters demand that the national change its policy or quit the Chamber entirely. An idea whose time is here.

1. Get more patriots signed up with LaRouchePAC

Help us grow by ask others to signup with LaRouchePAC to help defeat this attempted coup. Send our signup page to your friends, family, or neighbors, and promote it on social media. 

2. Contact your U.S. Representative and Senators, especially Republicans and demand that they continue to defend the President.

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