It is time to Mobilize: Follow the Silk Road to the Future, or Perish in Global War

The time to act is now. At this very moment the continued existence of humanity is not certain; We are as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has described it "hanging between heaven and hell". That is, we are in a moment of change which, depending on our efforts here in the USA, can go one of two ways: either we continue to allow the fraud of the criminal enterprise called Wall Street and the City of London loot the people of Europe and USA and drive us to war with Russia. Or we act now to defend the Republic, shut down the criminals and join in the global reconstruction called the New Silk Road. 

The thing that has to be made clear, is that the policy of war is driven by a desperate and collapsing imperial financial system which the people of this country NEVER had any real interest in, and never should have tolerated. There was never any real wealth in the Wall St. system, it is a fraud! 

Take the great swindle called "Greek debt". Only 3% of the socalled bailout of Greece was spent on Greece. The rest went to bankrupt international too-big-to-jail banks!

Greece has no obligations to destroy their nation to pay it this back.  They have no reason to give in, in fact, their refusal to give in to the fascist Wall St. demands could sink the Wall St. system, setting off a chain-reaction explosion throughout the Trans-Atlantic financial system.  These European and Wall St. "financial" institutions are truly criminal institutions, as demonstrated by the recent HSBC money laundering scandal.  The obvious bankruptcy of Wall Street is the enemy's weak point, we can act to shut them down, and they know it! As Mr. LaRouche said of the Wall St. and European banks demanding repayment of the loans,  "They are the ones who owe the debt, not the Greeks.  This thing has to be put loud and clear on every doorstep inside the United States.  If you want to avoid World War III that's what you do." 

Are you prepared to defend the Republic and the beautiful view of man upon which it is founded? That all men are created free and equal, with the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? That humanity is one species, with common interests and a common mission in this universe, to discover, create and prosper. 

Are you prepared to do what it takes to make the crucial intervention at this moment of history, where we are quite literally hanging between heaven and hell?

Get educated, get active and come to the LaRouchePAC meeting convening on February 28th at 3pm in North Quincy, MA. 

Please, call for details and RSVP on this website. 

Contact: Malene Robinson - (617) 350 7557  [email protected]


February 28, 2015 at 3:00pm - 5pm EST
North Quincy, please call for details
Malene Robinson · · 617 350 7557
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    Please RSVP: It is time to Mobilize: Follow the Silk Road to the Future, or Perish in Global War
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