Event: Identity Politics vs. Universal Progress


Lyndon LaRouche asked this question of the U.S. population some years back at a similar point of apparent national chaos.

Morality, right now, means standing outside the narrow and passionate shouting match of partisan politics and participating in charting the course for our future and that of our children, making sure we are scientifically right in our plans, making sure we are charting a map of breakthroughs and economic progress, and making that happen.

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Right now, there are two political dynamics at work in the world. The old system of City of London Banks and Wall Street has built a huge financial bubble following the 2008 financial blow-out which is about to collapse. It speaks of a final war with Russia and China coming in the wake of that collapse.

In fact, Donald Trump stopped that war dynamic when he campaigned to end it and for building massive infrastructure projects right here to jump start our economy. For that, he has been attacked with a coup aimed at overthrowing the results of the 2016 elections. This issue of war and peace has been drowned out by the small world, identity politics themes promoted as the best disorientation mechanisms by our political elites.

No one, therefore, sees, the imminent financial collapse which is almost upon us. No one, therefore sees, the enormous potential of an expanded One Belt, One Road project if made a political priority, right here, in the United States for solving the problem of the economic crisis and the war danger once and for all.

In this context, we invite you to our upcoming event with LaRouche PAC Manhattan Project leader Diane Sare, for a briefing and strategy forum leading into the midterm elections. We want to see you there!

October 20, 2018 at 3:00pm - 6pm
Quincy, MA
Jennifer Pearl · 617 350 7733

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