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UPDATED—April 17, 2015 · The latest signers calling for an end to geopolitics and for the U.S. and Europe to join the BRICS include German Author, Ruhild Boehm, Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher, Labour Member of the House of Commons, Former Cabinet Minister and National Executive Member of the Labour Party, Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group (Conservative Party), Local government councillor for the London borough of Hounslow, Author and Military Historian and Professor Prem Sikka, Essex Business School at  University of Essex Professor of Accounting and Economist.

Now totaling over 300 names, the list of endorsements includes prominent politicians, businessman, academics, scientists and artists from over twenty countries, who have all publicly endorsed this resolution calling on the U.S. and Europe to collaborate with the BRICS nations in the interest of peace and economic development. The resolution, sponsored by the Schiller Institute, was issued in response to the offer of China's President Xi Jinping for the United States to join China's New Silk Road development program and abandon the policies of confrontation with particularly Russia and China.




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Be a thinker!  The success of the American Revolution depended on an educated leadership—the survival of our nation today requires the same of you.  The crisis we face is due to an ill philosophy which has plagued thinking in politics and economics.  The above link provides you with challenging materials you need to master to become an educated statesman, akin to those who founded the United States.   



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