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Tune in this (and every) Thursday evening at 9 PM eastern for a live Q&A session with American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche. Become an active, historic participant in our national mobilization to stop WWIII by dumping Obama, shut down Wall St. by passing Glass-Steagall, and bring about a new, just world economic order in collaboration with the BRICS+ group of nations.

LaRouche remarked to the Policy Committee this past Monday:

"I think the problem here lies in the fact of, Obama essentially is moving, as with the China operations and so forth, and is determined to launch a thermonuclear war. And everything on the trend of his behavior goes in that direction. For example, the attack on the medical institution [in Kunduz, Afghanistan]. Actually, the guy's a murderer. He's a plain murderer, and he should be thrown out of office."

"And if we don't say that, and make a campaign around that, I think the world as a whole, the people of the world as a whole, are on the edge. Just look at what Obama's doing now on China, in the attack on China, which is an absolutely fraudulent operation."

"Obama is showing his ugly paws, or his bloody paws, in various operations. This man must be withdrawn, his term must be cancelled! We have a Presidential principle, under which he should be classified, that he should be removed from office. If we don't remove him from office, then we're getting in a very dangerous situation."

"The other side of the thing is that we don't have a Congress, in a sense, which is competent to express itself in a necessary way. Go back to the Presidencies before this one. We've had these before. You cannot fool around with this and treat this by saying: 'We have to negotiate with this.'

"We have to say, 'No!' And I think our organization has the ability to say 'no.' And I think we have to say no, by just listing some of the crimes he's committed. And say: These crimes, while they may not be settled, in terms of final decision, the fact is the requirement is that he has to be examined to show why he should not be thrown out of office. The evidence is sufficient there."

Ask a question to Mr. LaRouche by submitting them to the comments section of the YouTube event or calling in ahead of time to our national center, 800-929-7566.


October 29, 2015 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm
John Ascher · 800-929-7566
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