Fireside Chat with Bill Jones, November 16, 2017, 9pm EDT


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  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-11-16 22:32:05 -0500
    In a republic, are laws subject to change by the intention of the body of citizens composing that republic and the interpretation and exercising of those laws?

    Inalienable natural rights infrastructure for all.

    There currently is an established and reliable public and private commercial infrastructure by law.

    If alternative or other beneficiary profitability commercial infrastructure were criminally or unjustly seized or stolen or disrupted or compromised or destroyed in the past, can we get an investigation into that and seek some type of retribution? Derivatives activities are not a legitimate part of our commercial infrastructure.
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-11-16 22:22:27 -0500
    You know, the BAE parking lot was more full than ive ever seen it. Hahaha
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-11-16 21:39:51 -0500
    BRI investments by US companies are a smart choice, there is reliable and credible long term investment. It can show very real short term profits too. Can it?
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    rsvped 2017-11-16 13:50:55 -0500