Live Q&A Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, May 12, 2016, 9pm EDT


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  • Howard Steinbach
    rsvped 2016-05-12 22:09:51 -0400
  • James Harwood
    commented 2016-05-12 21:16:01 -0400
    To Dave Christie— Dave I recall seeing you intervene at an Obama speech when you asked “Obama tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia”.
    Was there anything that happened after your comments that perhaps wasn’t caught on camera
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-05-12 20:07:32 -0400
    Question for Lyn from Elizabeth, a 97 year old supporter in Washington State, She asks, "How have the American people become so little and dumbed down? This is not the same country I was raised in . It almost seems foreign to me! What can we do to reach them? Thanks.
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-05-12 18:49:23 -0400
    A Question for Lyn from Dave C., an activist in San Jose California, " I agree we need to uplift people to think creatively, but that seems kind of general. Don’t we aksi gave ti mobolize on specific political issues, like getting out the FBI’s role in covering up 80,000 pages on the Saudi role in 9-11? Is there a contradiction between the two. Thanks, Dave
  • Wayne Baker
    commented 2016-05-12 18:27:09 -0400
    Mr. LaRouche, my name is Wayne B. from Va. what are your thoughts on the recent developments
    in Brazil and Argentina?
  • David Dobrodt
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-05-12 12:19:29 -0400
    Please RSVP: Live Q&A Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, March 24 2016, 9pm EST
  • David Dobrodt
    @BrotThe tweeted link to this page. 2016-05-12 12:19:26 -0400
    Please RSVP: Live Q&A Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, March 24 2016, 9pm EST
  • David Dobrodt
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  • Gerald Pechenuk
    rsvped 2016-05-11 21:35:34 -0400
  • Robert Peterson
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