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  • David Peterson
    rsvped 2016-02-01 21:05:35 -0500
  • Howard Steinbach
    commented 2016-01-29 00:21:14 -0500
    P.S. - There is a very interesting treatment of this Treaty of Paris negotiations in Albert Gallatin’s book, Memoir of the North-Eastern Boundary, (1843) here: - which includes a color map — a reproduction of “Jay’s map” including a red-line ostensibly drawn by John Jay himself. add deviating from the current boundary.
  • Howard Steinbach
    commented 2016-01-28 23:52:10 -0500
    Hi Nathan:

    I may be able to help with portions of your question. The establishment of the District of Columbia was first authorized by an act of the full United States Congress dated 1780, which authorized the creation of the Federal Capitol of an area not to exceed 10 square miles — which also became the operational figure for the actual surveys that followed. D.C. does seem like a “foreign entity” but in terms of its legality, it was fully “legal” and its establishment represented an essential step in the development of the germ of the idea of the Federation: it was essential to have as the nation’s capital an area that was not subject to the jurisdiction or influence of any one particular state. Senators and reps from a number of states solicited to have the nation’s capitol located in their home states, but it was President Washington himself who selected the location of the city which now bears his name. in fact it was first called " Washington City". Washington — who was a surveyor — laid out the metes and bounds of the new District of Columbia himself, and it was surveyed by a team under his direction: the shape of the District of Columbia is a diamond standing on its tip at the mouth of Hunting Creek, at jones point, and "balanced’ along a meridian that runs through Washington City itself. This “Washington meridian” is recognized as the true longitudinal “baseline” or meridian of the United States.

    Why did Washington pick this spot? My own research suggests that George Washington knew this stretch of the Potomac very well, and of course his Mt. Vernon home was just down the Potomac a piece. But In fact, Washington’s boyhood home, also called the White House, was located in New Kent County, Virginia, on the Pawmunkey River, a tributary to the York River to the south: and it appears that the Washington Meridian actually runs almost exactly through this boyhood home of George Washington. So I think he may have been saying something very personal, when he situated the District of Columbia due north along this Meridian. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of in the history of D.C., only interesting mysteries to explore.

    Your other question on the Treaty of Paris, or Treaty of Peace, of 1783 is more difficult. There were numerous discrepancies in the description of this north-eastern boundary between the U.S. and New Brunswick, most of them due to limitations in the mapping of that remote territory. The parties who drafted the treaty were using an unofficial “Mitchell’s map” that had been published in 1755 (and maybe was reprinted in 1757) and so was 25-30 years old at the time, and were in a sense “flying blind” as they negotiated over boundaries on a map that had numerous errors, and much “terrae incognitae” Each party was seeking to maneuver the bargaining to its advantage. Here, my own feeling is, that since Benjamin Franklin was involved in these negotiations, if there was anything ‘ceded" in terms of territory, that Franklin came out way ahead for the United States. We son the whole shooting match after all. At any rate, our border with Canada has always been unenforced and friendly; and in this regard, it’s interesting to note that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s family had a summer house in far “down east” Maine, but really just "across the border’ on Campobello island — which is technically Canada. These Roosevelt family estates are now an international park — and in that way expresses the sense of neighborliness which was once considered typical of U.S. foreign policy
  • Nathan Gauthier
    commented 2016-01-28 20:50:37 -0500
    Mr. LaRouche I am a 31 yr old man, who has come to realize he is nothing more than a private corporate employee known as a United States citizen, a modern serf. Can you give me your take on the Organic Act of 1871 that established the District of Columbia, this foreign entity. Was this the nail in the coffin for America? Could I also get your take on the treaty of 1783/Paris, did we get deceived here? Trying to learn some real history appreciate any insight. Your organization and knowledge has is an inspiration to truth, thanks for your work.
  • Alicia Cerretani
    commented 2016-01-21 21:39:15 -0500
    Our apologies! A technical issue cancelled our previous link to tonight’s discussion. We are now back on with a new link. A full audio link will be available afterwards.
  • Howard Steinbach
    commented 2016-01-21 20:53:47 -0500
    Hi Mr. LaRouche:

    Two planetary scientists from Cal Tech, Batygin and Brown, have just had a paper published in the Astronomical Journal titled “EVIDENCE FOR A DISTANT GIANT PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM,” in which they argue based on orbital irregularities of the planets in our solar system, that there is an unknown giant planet beyond the orbit of Neptune, with an orbital period of 10-20,000 years, and which acts almost as a counter-pivot to the sun, in defining the orbits of the planets in our solar system. The authors have asked for astronomers around the world to train their telescopes on a certain angle off the ecliptic, in order to possibly obtain a sighting of this proposed new giant planet.

    This hypothesis is perhaps reminiscent of how gauss discovered the orbit of Ceres, or how Einstein disproved the existence of the supposed planet Vulcan; but it seems it could portend a major paradigm shift in man’s view of his own place in the galaxy and solar system, because this proposed planet is — it is argued — so huge, that it will require the re-working of planetary science and modifications to “nebular hypotheses.” Any comment? The timing is remarkable ….

    Roch S/
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-01-21 20:20:47 -0500
    Mr. LaRouche a question has come in from Jakub Mirek, who is able to listen to the fireside chats where he lives in England. He asks, " Are the US Elites attempting to destroy Europe by triggering a flood of immigrants and refugees?" Is this part of a neo-con strategy to destroy, the leading power of Europe, Germany, in particular. Do you think Obama AND Merkel are both personally complicit in this destruction? Thanks, Jakub
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-01-21 20:10:29 -0500
    A question has come in from Roy Kendall, a US military veteran from Visalia California, Mr. Larouche, 12 crew members from what were reported to be two Marine helicopeters that crashed near Oahu Hawaii during a training mission are now presumed to be dead and the search for them since last Friday has been called off without any trace being found. My question is: Do you think this was a genuine accident or could these helicopters been shot down by forces hostile to the US such as Turkey or someone else? Thanks, Roy
  • Michael Provost
    commented 2016-01-21 20:03:42 -0500
    Mr. Larouche,

    Trump has come out over and over again attacking the so called “New World Order” (AKA British Empire) , but more as a reactionary populous instead of a higher level thinker. He publicly made the Jeb Bush 911 connection, stated derivatives are the real problem, exposed Hillary and Obama for creating “ISIS” and supports Mr. Putin…et al. I am told that her sleeps 3 hours a night and he is obsessive for knowledge and the truth, this is supported by what I see is certain wording he using that tells me where he has been. Now Louis Farrakhan has endorsed him, (As well as Alex Jones and many other “patriots”) Mr. Trump seems to be well aware of what is going on and the level of corruption etc. My question to you is this; Before Trump is unreachable, that is assuming he will be elected president, should we as a movement be trying to reach him and educate him on the real solutions as you propose? Since LPAC has contact with ALex Jones, there maybe a chance to reach Trump through Alex? Like everyone that eventually reaches the ideas of a higher level,they seem to first go through the populous patriot movement . (Some unfortunately get stuck there for life)
  • Michael Provost
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  • Alicia Cerretani
    commented 2016-01-21 20:01:00 -0500
    Check out our lead post, now available on
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-01-21 19:54:17 -0500
    Mr. LaRouche,
    My name is Michael Provost from Fair Oaks, California; I am in my 40’s and have been supporting your political initiatives and Campaigns for the Presidency for more than half my life since I met your organizers when I was in my teens. I had a paper route in my area, of course that would be the New Federalist, which woke up many people and earned me to be a delegate at the “not so” Democratic convention, unfortunately we should have known better that they are a private club. Now the issue raised by the New York Times article on the death and destruction wrought by the skyrocketing number of heroin overdoses is something that I and others who have grown up in the last 25 years are all too familiar with. My question is I know this must be addressed politically from the top down by going after the British Empire and its Dope Inc Banks like Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Do you think it is possible to address it AT THE SAME TIME on a personal level, since drugs and prescriptions and more drugs seem to be flowing out here in California in greater quantities than water WHICH is what should be flowing but isn’t. What can we do to save the people who are being destroyed while we are moving heaven and earth to take out the REAL CRIMINALS AT THE TOP: Obama and the British Empire.?? Thanks and best to you for all you have done for me and millions of others who have grown up with you.
  • Alicia Cerretani
    commented 2016-01-21 19:28:48 -0500
    Good evening everyone, I’ll be sending your questions to our host, John Ascher tonight.
  • William Marrero
    commented 2016-01-21 13:17:48 -0500
    With trump and Palin brown nosing each other and most probably more, giving to the proclivities for degenerate and scandalous activities by most if not all of these corrupt politicians, birds of a feather and all that; I would like to know what LaRouche knows or think is the strategy of Putin in his compliments of Trump, surely Putin knows of his FBI background and his enabling of Obama? Why give him props on an international scale??
  • Shelia Cassidy
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  • Donna Turney
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  • Ralph Coffman
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  • Gerald Pechenuk
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  • Joyce Wingo
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  • David Dobrodt
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