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  • Katherine Notley
    rsvped 2016-02-12 02:39:25 -0500
  • Howard Steinbach
    commented 2016-02-11 23:30:31 -0500
    A good question. I would say we’ve been duped by a scheme to defraud, that has assumed unprecedented scope and subtlety.

    For sure the populations of the US and Europe have been mesmerized by cabal-orchestrated media propaganda, to accept a false paradigm, that the mere replication of nominal assets on a shadow-stock market gutted of its relationship to the productive sector, represented actual values, and therefor actual increased real wealth… Mr. LaRouche has for a long time tried to convey what was happening graphically, through the illustration of his "triple collapse curve. As the bubble of artificial & nominal values has been further inflated, the multiplication of specious “:assets” have been applied to buy-out more and more news & media outlets, co-opt more and more politician and judges, and duplicate distractions and wedge issues, all in order to pollute and disable the very possibility of rational thought concerning this underlying process - and moreover to prevent effective inter-personal dialogue, or the kind of collective & community action which is required to address or check the problem. The ultimate object is thus to confuse to such an extent that no solution appears accessible, but pot, drugs, rock, sports, entertainment, ad infinitum. But the illusion is now fracturing - — the system of monetarist controlled banks is bankrupt and the system is collapsing. The quickest and surest way to re-orient and re-organize society, is around a revived NASA with a new mission orientation.
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-02-11 21:25:55 -0500
    A question for Lyn from Ken.. M. in Western Canada.. He asks, "Mr. LaRouche you have been contrasting and emphasizing the forward looking and optimistic view of the Asian nations led by China, Russia and India and their excellent policies as opposed to the collspase and degeneration of the fools in Western Europe and the United States My question is WHY can’t Europe and the US see what has happened to them? What is holding people back from seeing this??
  • Israel Fajardo
    commented 2016-02-11 21:11:53 -0500
    Mr. LaRouche, more allies are needed to win the fight. What character of people are we looking for?
  • Israel Fajardo
    followed this page 2016-02-11 21:10:44 -0500
  • Howard Steinbach
    commented 2016-02-11 20:55:31 -0500
    Hi Mr. LaRouche —

    Scientists at Caltech’s LIGO labs — short for Laser Interferometry Gravity-Wave Observatory — announced today that they have detected gravitational waves, as predicted by Albert Einstein just over 100 years ago, in the publication of his General Theory of Relativity. Its astonishing to consider that one lone individual could so comprehensively and accurately model the universe within the confines of his own intellect, so as to precisely predict major features of the composition of space-time, that it would take the entire human race over a century of scientific investigation, to prove. These developments make the collective hallucination that is the global monetary system, look pathetic. What do today’s developments say about the likelihood of your own vindication, also, after 40-50 years of relentlessly intervening for a just & beautiful social order, for all mankind?
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-02-11 19:57:41 -0500
    A question has come in from a supporter in Nevada for Mr. LaRouche, He asks, "Mr. LaRouche, I have a question about the Obama Administration and the escalation of violence across the United States. It seems the Obama administration has sided with the Hong Kong Shanghai and other drug Banks and are doing nothing to stop drugs coming across the border into the US which are a major factor in the collapse of our youth and the destruction of morality of this nation. Meanwhile they are jailing ranchers and farmers who have done nothing but asked for their grievances to be heard. My question is Why is this happening and What Can we do to stop this madness? Thanks.
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-02-11 17:31:55 -0500
    A series of realated questions came in for Lyn from Sandy, who is living in the Midwest. She asks, "Lyn what is happening with the financial collapse in Asia versus Europe and the United States? Will Asia go down with the Trans-Atlantic crash? How is it all connected? I hear from the media that there are now large numbers of Americans suddenly buying gold and silver?? Where are all the courageous Glass Steagall advocates in Congress? Why aren’t they speaking out? Did they all disappear? Thanks, Sandy
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-02-11 17:26:35 -0500
    A question for Lyn from Larry, a former nuclear engineer from Washington State now employed as delivery truck driver. He asks, "Lyn , How did the gap get so great between the technologies we use vs the latest technologies WE KNOW ABOUT, BUT DON’T BUILD? – like nuclear and fusion energy, maglev trains, new anti-biotics, new ideas of automobilies, etc. How is it, that all these technologies get developed, but never implemented? What’s going on here? Thanks, Larry
  • thomas bloomstine
    commented 2016-02-11 17:13:54 -0500
    Hello Mr. Larouche

    Here in Europe, we have the problem that when we talk to people. That many people have a positive image of Obama and a bad picture of putin. What owe this surely it is more than just media propaganda.

    Regards Thomas & Aske
  • thomas bloomstine
    followed this page 2016-02-11 17:11:07 -0500
  • thomas bloomstine
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  • Wayne Baker
    commented 2016-02-11 11:45:00 -0500
    Mr. LaRouche we know about the Bush family machine, its history with the British Empire, the Saudis, Iran/Contra. Then we know about Barack Obama and his ‘creator’ George Soros, the British Empire. More drugs, war, and his continuing suppressing of the 28 pages. When observing the present so called presidential debates in the context of the ongoing systemic collapse, it is obvious there is a British operation going on. Obama with Clinton and Sanders in one area of the barnyard and the Bush’s in the other area. You warned about the danger of a Jeb Bush presidency some time ago. You have explicitly called for the removal of Obama. Is this operation a very evil, yet elaborate scheme to put Jeb Bush in the White House?
  • Samuel Andreasson
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  • Anthony Wicher
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  • Katherine Notley
    commented 2016-02-11 02:51:26 -0500
    Dear Lyn, In the context of your and Kesha’s revival of the JFK space program, I was reminded of an interview with Club of Rome cofounder Alexander King that EIR published in June 1981. In that interview, he said two things that stood out: One, he acknowledged that he had read the report by Anatol Rapaport that the space program had instilled too much optimism in American citizens, and he praised the report. There was not an extended discussion of it.

    However, he did expand on his role in the early ‘60s as then head of the OECD in effecting major changes in science and math curricula throughout Europe and the United States to make them less “cultural” and more attuned to the “future” of what kind of jobs would be needed. He boasts of his role in introducing so-called “New Math” as part of the curriculum. Since he was also shaping what those “jobs” would be, by deindustrializing the U.S. with the help of Rapaport’s anti-optimism treatise, and also the “Limits to Growth” entry into the Green trashing of the economy, we know what kind of “jobs” and “science” were supposedly needed.

    I’d like to know if you have any thoughts on King’s revelations back then?
  • Arman Vaziri
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  • Carolyn Rose Goyda
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  • Michael Irving Wgft
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  • Ionut Florin Palici
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  • Cynthia Chung
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  • Gerald Pechenuk
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