Fireside Chat with Paul Gallagher—December 1, 2016


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  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-12-01 18:47:58 -0500
    A question has come in from Ken in Western Canada; He asks, I have found that people I speak with have a hard time understanding what the concept of a win win policy is in terms of the Chinese proposals on the One Belt One Road. Can you elaborate that in more concrete detail? Also, Since China and Russia have been experiencing the US under Bush and Obama at its imperial worst, how can we get across for example, to citizens in the US and Canada, that the win-win policy of China will be accepted by the new Trump administration and that it will actually be totally different from the failed polices of the recent 16 years??
  • Anthony Wicher
    commented 2016-12-01 17:56:54 -0500
    I have a question about the creation of a Hamiltonian bank.. Why did the Bank have to be capitalized with loans from private investors? Why was it necessary to have a gold-based reserve to back up the issuance of bank notes? Could they have not just been printed and used to fund the desired infrastructure projects without going through this step?
  • Anthony Wicher
    rsvped 2016-12-01 16:58:16 -0500