Live Q&A Fireside Chat with Dennis Speed, August 4, 2016, 9pm EDT


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  • Lyndsey Decosta Lewis
    commented 2016-08-04 21:13:35 -0400
    A collabiration beetween mr larouch and mr neil keenan would be winning force unite and counquer
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    commented 2016-08-04 18:19:23 -0400
    Question for Dennis Speed from Ken Swanson in Moline, Illinois. The congress does not impeach Obama nor does the cabinet remove him using the 25th Amendment. They have have full confidence not in Obama but in his controllers such as Valerie Jarrett. LaRouche has called Obama a puppet. Can a puppet help himself or is he not a true puppet? Is a person fully responsible for their actions even if they are insane and cannot help themselves? By not coming to the realization they are mentally ill (and doing something about it) make them guilty? Of course he should be removed from office. You are blaming the victim who was chosen because he could be so easily used by those who put him in power. Put the blame on them.
  • Arman Vaziri
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  • Shelia Cassidy
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  • Anthony Wicher
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  • Rick Adam
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  • Avneet Thapar Hall
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  • David Hereaux
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  • Kari Ilonummi
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  • Michael Irving Wgft
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  • Gerald Pechenuk
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  • Michael Moberg
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