Fireside Chat with Megan Beets—April 27, 2017, 9pm EDT


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  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-04-27 21:39:18 -0400
    Truth is what our minds are capable of having. Truth is all around us, what you may say as natural law. Knowing how matter works is free, using matter to obtain and maintain our lives, capabilities and happiness is knowing truth. Does money matter if you know the truth? Rights matter. Does someone who has bad intentions for your rights want you to know how matter works?
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-04-27 21:00:36 -0400
    zac Shiazi, its cool, your bad on the typo error. “Your bad” is a figure of speech here in US culture, lol so is “its cool.” But, i do have to reply this time again, because i think you know barely half of what is true and what we are truly exising with in physical reality. This has been around way before the British was ever even a country. Aint a mafia, aint gona create more. Some in the governments are creating criminal governments, but all are private citizens with private assets and private lives and private activities. Usery. Destitude. Servitude. Dignity. Honor. Grace. What do these words mean? Most are barely aware of what crime truly is! I do feel this can be better exchanged another way. Thank you for responding to my words, i find real value in the ideas these exchanges bring to mind. The truthful and lawful ideas we can have is what the enemy to humankind tries to stop :)
  • Anthony Wicher
    rsvped 2017-04-27 19:02:45 -0400
  • Kiani Iswara
    rsvped 2017-04-27 18:16:34 -0400
  • Zac Shirazi
    commented 2017-04-27 17:35:53 -0400
    Lawrence, Thanks for your comment…
    All I am saying and trying to put across is this
    You have the God father of Mafia which is British Empire who created a web…Then you have criminals across the Globe and yes inside the USA who are working for the empire…From the leadership of ISRAEL to some senators in the Congress to Wall Street and inside the Intelligent communities, etc…If you try to convict the members of the mafia, the head of mafia creates more members…In order to destroy the snake you got to go for the head…We need to expose the British empire so people across USA and the globe realize where really the head of Snake is? That is what I am saying Lawrence…
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-04-27 17:02:51 -0400
    zac Shiazi,
    If any of the people you label masters is a lawful citizen of the USA, then it is the USA as well. It also does show that you do not know how deep the criminal activities go here in the USA. What a joke! This is not a YouTube comments section. My question is valid and has a specific intent that of which you may very well have unwittingly stumbled across, but its in the private sector and you may have it a bit halfway backwards. Do you get what im saying.
  • Zac Shirazi
    commented 2017-04-27 16:52:53 -0400
    Lawrence Henni, Hello
    I meant The British Is Stupid….
    Would you please tell us were I am wrong? we are trying to learn from one another my friend…I said the master of false flag is Israel…Aren’t you agree?…Did you read about USS Liberty?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Zac Shirazi
    commented 2017-04-27 16:47:27 -0400
    Hello Renee Sigerson
    The six Sisters of Oil industries would not allow Fusion power to be developed, as their sales, profit and entre business will disappear
    over night…Remember British are relying on the big businesses and always protect them with any means…
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-04-27 16:21:34 -0400
    Wrong stupid!
  • Zac Shirazi
    commented 2017-04-27 15:32:05 -0400
    Lawrence Henni
    The master of false flag in the universe is ISRAEL my friend from USS Liberty to 911, to…….
    It is not USA, its British and its cronies across USA and the Globe Stupid!!
  • Gerald Pechenuk
    rsvped 2017-04-27 15:19:12 -0400
  • Renee Sigerson
    commented 2017-04-27 12:08:41 -0400
    Please introduce people to the discussion of how we are going to eliminate the massive lies against fission power, and why we can’t just sit there and wait until fusion is developed to raise the needed energy flux density in the economy. What would be the effect of REDUCING the energy flux density on the prospects for the future of the United States? Isn’t that what happens when we close down nuclear power plants?
  • Renee Sigerson
    rsvped 2017-04-27 12:05:52 -0400
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2017-04-27 00:02:21 -0400
    Lying about weapons of mass destruction or creating false flags, falsifying or misrepresenting information that causes war or suffering or death of human beings is just like filing a false police report but way worse. Filing a false police report is a felony in the USA. And of course anyone who is involved with such crimes will want to ignore relevant evidence that provides accountability to such criminal activities. Willful and wanton disregard for the lives of others can be added to the mindset of people whom are intending the fore mentioned criminal occurrences and existences. Intent.
    There are activities, occurrences and existences causing human beings to suffer and perish against their will. Some of the activities, occurrences and existences may not even have laws against them because of new or classified technologies, unprecedented conditions and concerted efforts to conceal from corrections.
    Some crimes far exceed the vital necessity to be corrected because human being are suffering and dying from those crimes.

    Do we have a chance to bring false justice to justice?