Defeat Ebola with a New World System


As the BRICS nations(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grace the international arena led by China and Russia, they promise to do what the United States was once committed to; the promotion of continuous economic progress. They have adopted policies similar to those advocated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, who for decades have called for an overthrow of the genocidal political-economic system dominating the west, in favor of an all inclusive, system of sovereign nation states. Earlier this year, before the fear of Ebola spread among the U.S populace they called for a biological defense initiative. This is what allowed LaRouche PAC to present a clear plan of action last week as nurses rallied nationwide. Shortly after the first cases came to the United States, we presented an Emergency War Plan To Stop Ebola. The Obama administration failed immediate response.

Through the alliance of BRICS and its promotion of collaboration in space, rail, nuclear power and water projects to develop the fragmented and undeveloped regions of the world, they have become a moral force. In fact, the BRICS nations represent 43% of the world's total population and 27% of the world's land area, a clear indication that the governments representing nearly half of the world's population are on your side.

This kind of international collaboration is what we need to defeat Ebola. It will be defeated along with the impoverished conditions that much of the world remains subjected to. The only remaining obstacle to the United States leading this process, is president Obama; and after the Nov. 4th midterm elections, the American public showed the President the proverbial door. This is a reaction not just to a failed policy and President, but to a failed congress, and a deliberate intention to destroy the United States through war and pandemic.

Ask yourself: why must healthcare professionals rally in the streets and fight just for the basic necessities to properly treat their patients? What healthcare professionals did last week was unite in a nationwide strike against HMO's, cuts in healthcare, and inadequate training for Ebola. LaRouche PAC intervened to raise the caliber of fight from single issues to the question of systemic breakdown and the need for a completely new paradigm. This is what the BRICS represents. From New York to San Francisco thinking healthcare professionals were provided a solution and challenged to join us. Many realized the repercussions of keeping the current system and agreed with impeaching the President. At a rally in California, one union organizer detailed to us the criminality: nurses require 18 months of training for Level 3 infectious diseases. Ebola, a Level 4 infectious disease is allotted a 30 minute training video. This is not a policy of incompetence at the lower levels but intentional genocide from the very highest.

This is the level of response we got from all regions of the country including Washington D.C, the epicenter of the strike. It is here where we not only participated in street rallies, but went in as policy makers, meeting with several offices and demanding specific actions be taken. Whereas Obama appointed Ron Klain, the lawyer, as “Ebola response coordinator,” probably to protect Obama more so than Americans, LaRouche PAC recruited an actual virologist to advise Congress.

The Federal Government needs us and you, to present the potential of the new paradigm. We can break free from the shackles of a sinking financial system, if we fight to bring this unseen reality into purview. To display the uniquely American features of a foreign grouping and to unify the self interest of distant peoples with that of our own. It is this creative challenge we issue to the American public. We fight for these polices on your behalf. Now half of humanity stands behind you.


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