"Peace On Earth" Candlelight Vigil to End Obama's Reign of Terror

Call for "Peace On Earth" Candlelight Vigils  to End Obama's Reign of Terror

Heed our clarion call to inaugurate worldwide vigils to shine a light of truth and condemnation upon the extensive series of high crimes, misdemeanors and bloody deeds of Obama, London and Wall St.'s most valuable asset.  In solidarity with LaRouche's movement, the "web of lies" can be broken. Unified, our citizens can remove the shrouded hypocrisy of Obama's gross violations of International Law and his shredding of the principles of the U.S. Constitution. Unified, we can restore basic human rights to all.

Reflect now upon the short list of crimes this administration COMMITS IN YOUR NAME:
- Droning of innocent civilians - executed as "collateral damage" under the cover of "hunting down terrorists;"
- Oct 3rd: hideous, unrelenting bombing- murder of 30 people- some decapitated physicians and incinerated ICU patients where they lay, at Doctors Without Borders (MSF)-run hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan;
- Unconstitutional "regime change"  imperial wars in Libya and Syria which has resulted in hordes of terror-stricken civilians (so-called refugees) in flight from homelands crushed back to Stone-Age style existence;
- Persistent military provocations  with a nuclear-armed Russia  and China which toy with thermonuclear extinction of the entire human population of the planet!

We are CITIZENS!  Mobilize to remove the bully-coward from office now - Exercise your desire for a better future!   Act in good conscience - "There's nothing more to Fear Except Fear itself!

Info on Candlelight Vigil:
Copley Square, Boston Massachusetts
Tuesday, December 15th, 5PM
Please help us get the word out by sharing this on social media and forwarding to friends, family and co-workers!
December 15, 2015 at 5:00pm - 6pm EST
Copley Square, Boston MA
Malene Robinson ·
Malene Robinson

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