Welcome to our Campaign to Win the Future

The 2018 Midterm Elections are going to be a turning point in our history.  This page is dedicated to getting you to join us in making history by turning the only political and economic program for the 2018 elections worth your support into a reality.  Our goal is to familiarize you with LaRouche PAC’s 2018 Campaign to Secure the Future, so much so that you will take it to every constituency leader in your community and get them to sign on, demanding, with you, that this program be adopted by anyone running for U.S. House or Senate seats in 2018.  The obverse is also true. If candidates don’t sign on, then the movement we are building here will oppose them with every means at our disposal.

The present situation is easy to summarize.  Donald Trump is the target of a criminal and unconstitutional coup aimed at negating the 2016 U.S. presidential election.  The City of London and Wall Street, the twin forces which have controlled our economy and political life since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, are using corrupt party politicians to conduct this coup because Trump said he wanted to end our role as global policeman, and cooperate with Russia and China on mutually beneficial projects and initiatives. He also campaigned against and attacked the premises of the West’s post-world War II economic order.  Our elites are out to turn Trump into someone acceptable to them or to destroy him entirely, accepting the nation’s current dangerous political and social paralysis as the cost of their survival –-the aspirations of the voters of 2016 be damned. In the 2018 midterms, they are out to elect enough Senators and Congressmen dedicated to impeaching Trump to secure that result.

Since 2008, Western economies have built a huge new debt bubble, even larger than that which blew up in 2008.  Decades of Wall Street’s casino economy and neglect of the real physical economy in the U.S. have resulted in an out of control opioid epidemic destroying large swaths of our youth and former productive farmers and workers.  We are not educating our young at the most basic levels. Whole sections of our country are locked in economic despair. According to our politicians, we cannot find the funds to repair existing infrastructure let alone build for the future.  

Our present economic disaster, what happens in people’s day to day lives outside the gated communities of the rich and superrich, demands a solution that does not exist in the current axioms of economic thought.  Instead, we turn here to Lyndon LaRouche's science of political economy, locating economic wealth—not in monetary profit—but in the discoveries of universal principles which change man's fundamental relationship to nature.  Like John F. Kennedy’s space program, mobilizing the economy and population on this basis is the means to create actual wealth and the cultural optimism which fosters further human discovery and creativity.

In 2014, LaRouche issued four policy initiatives, "LaRouche's Four Laws." These four laws, reflecting the true intention of the U.S. Constitution, would bring our economy into coherence with the actual physical laws governing economic progress, and reverse the decades-long collapse in productivity of the average American citizen. They are as follows: 

  1. Immediately reinstate Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass–Steagall banking separation act, before the imminent collapse of Wall Street’s latest financial bubbles.
  2. Return to a national banking system, as originally defined by Alexander Hamilton, and reflected in Abraham Lincoln’s Greenback policy and Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation, to provide directed credit to the physical economy.
  3. Direct trillions of dollars of U.S. federal credit towards high technology and high productivity investment and employment, including the rebuilding of present  U.S. infrastructure while creating a new infrastructure platform for the economy sustainable for the next two generations.
  4. Prioritize a crash program to develop fusion power and greatly expand NASA’s human space exploration program.

LaRouchePAC has just released a new report, "LaRouche's Four Laws for Economic Recovery, A New Paradigm for Mankind," which illustrates how LaRouche's program can be enacted and what you can do to help educate and inspire our fellow Americans to take action. 

At the same time, the United States should accept China’s offer to join its great Belt and Road Initiative, the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in human history, developing the areas of the world which have been devastated by war and underdevelopment.  This will not only create high technology jobs here; it is a stepping stone to a new paradigm of international relations, one based on reciprocal relationships between nations for the common good which benefit all sides. This is the immediate road to implementing President Trump’s promise to end perpetual wars.

Our program is simple.

Anyone seeking a House or a Senate seat must:

(1) Pledge to end the coup against President Trump,

(2) Pledge to support the President joining the United States to China’s Belt and Road Initiative to develop the world, 

(3) Pledge to support LaRouche’s “Four Laws for Economic Recovery” of United States. 

This program not only fulfills the intent of most voters in 2016; it ensures prosperity and profound human progress over the next two generations. If a candidate campaigns on this platform, he or she deserves our support. Oppose this platform and we will do everything possible to ensure you are not elected.

We are asking you to help us take this program to the nation’s constituency leaders: the mayors, the business owners, the legislators, the union leaders, the farm organizations, police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors and nurses, engineers and scientists — the natural leaders of those directly producing the nation’s wealth — and the young. We aim to form a producers’ coalition behind the principles embodied in this program, replacing the tired identity politics and vacant economic promises of the former political parties. Like the Committees of Correspondence which communicated the profound ideas of the American Revolution, our campaign is about education, about creating the historical and scientific literacy in the population actually necessary to win the country back.

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