Breaking Free, Finally, of the Twentieth Century

Mindy Pechenuk, author of ”The Murder of Music with the Death of Brahms”

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We can be from where we seem to be right now into where we have to be, in 18 months or so; under the emergence of a new kind of Presidency—with respect to what happened since the assassination of the leading President, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

The Twentieth Century was the take-off point for the destruction of the United States. And the United States has been corrupted increasingly since that time. The Twentieth Century has been the worst fraud propagated on the planet. Because what that represented, the development of the Twentieth Century, at the very date of the Twentieth Century, under Hilbert, was the degeneration of the United States. And you had some Presidents who fought against that, but, they were disposed of in due course, or summarily, as you may take the choice.

So, we have to have that concept of history. The Twentieth Century—which we’re still living in, and we hope to be out of it very soon—has been the doom, which we have suffered as a nation, under the influence of the Twentieth Century; which has been a disaster, an increasing disaster.

And we are in a process where we can change that direction. In order to change that direction, if we can break through the situation in Russia against the operation that’s going on in Russia now, against Russia, we have a very good shot at pulling together a new conception of the nations of the planet, henceforth. And with 18 months, we can have that as a reality; because it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that counts. What’s the quality of the trend, as against what the quantity has been so far. But if we understand that the Twentieth Century was a human disaster, a global disaster, and see the way to solve that problem; give us 18 months of the right course of action, and this planet will be changed in a beautiful way. —Lyndon LaRouche


June 27, 2015 at 1:00pm - 4pm PDT
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