A Report from the Front Lines: If the Leadership is there, the American people will fight

LPAC organizers discussing the water crisis with people in the Central Valley.

 It's been two weeks since LaRouchePAC launched our current campaign to, 1. force the solutions to the current devastating California drought of leveraging the most cutting edge scientific resources available on the planet today, nuclear desalination, atmospheric ionization and continental water management, as a leading issue for the 2016 Presidential campaign, and 2. by doing so, provoking the American people to recognize that the current economic paradigm of "conservation in the name of the environment" has, and always had, a nasty, Nazi ideology at its core. This deadly paradigm, typified by Wall Street's current control over the U.S. Congress and our access to basic commodities, and revealed to be fully at play during a meeting our organizers had with a leading water "expert" in Sacramento, prompted Lyndon LaRouche to ask, "How many Americans will defend themselves from this Wall Street-run, Nazi-environmentalist operation to reduce the fresh water supply to a limited group of people?" Below is summary report of responses we've gotten from our fellow citizens on precisely this issue of their own, and the future survival of the United States.

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BRICS Nations Revive American System, Will the U.S. Join Them?


LaRouche representatives in the New York-New Jersey area are involved in an increasingly active "street symposium" regarding returning the United States to the principles of Hamiltonian economics—from an advanced standpoint. The strategic physical-economic implications of the policies now being advocated by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—the BRICS nations—have not only been anticipated, but have been consistently advocated, and that uniquely, by Lyndon LaRouche and his movement over the past 40 years. Manhattan has been, particularly since 1974, the epicenter of that constant discussion. This year will mark, for example, the 40th anniversary of LaRouche's April, 1975 International Development Bank (IDB) proposal, which "uncannily" contains every essential conceptual tool required to understand the true importance of the impending economic revolution that would now be possible through an American alliance with that BRICS process. The "street symposium" discussion process reveals essential mistakes in outlook on the BRICS that now are being corrected through the organizing process.

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Defeat Ebola with a New World System


As the BRICS nations(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grace the international arena led by China and Russia, they promise to do what the United States was once committed to; the promotion of continuous economic progress. They have adopted policies similar to those advocated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, who for decades have called for an overthrow of the genocidal political-economic system dominating the west, in favor of an all inclusive, system of sovereign nation states. Earlier this year, before the fear of Ebola spread among the U.S populace they called for a biological defense initiative. This is what allowed LaRouche PAC to present a clear plan of action last week as nurses rallied nationwide. Shortly after the first cases came to the United States, we presented an Emergency War Plan To Stop Ebola. The Obama administration failed immediate response.

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The Battle for New York



Today, LaRouche told associates that New York City would be and has been crucial in the fight to save the United States from the effects of the Obama presidency, including the imminent threat of Thermonuclear World War. How could that be? How could New York help us impeach Obama? New York City is an Obama stronghold, the Empire City!

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Powerful Intervention Resonates at Modi's New York Event

modi.jpgA scene which, at age 28, I've only ever imagined—a sea of optimistic people, not simply "Rah rah" enthusiastic, although many were, but profoundly affected in their thinking by the profound implications of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and its presence in the U.S.A.

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