Bay Area Viewing of September 12th Manhattan Project Conference

Creating A Peace Paradigm:
A New Era For Mankind Where We All
Become Truly Human

Broadcast Live from NEW YORK CITY
During the rest of August and early September, the specter of thermonuclear war looms across the world. The trans-Atlantic financial system is now undergoing the greatest collapse in modern history. There have already been a series of provocations against Vladimir Putin's Russia by President Obama, who could use the occasion of the Congressional recess to launch such a war. A wide range of influential figures have already voiced their concerns, including former heads of state, as well as retired Russian and American flag officers.

The unilateral decision by Obama to change the rules of engagement of the US Air Force in Syria without Congressional approval, three days after Congress went into recess, has brought about the immediate danger of a U. S. military escalation into war against Syria--exactly what the Congress voted against two years ago! This underlines the acuteness of the danger.
In 1914 the world went sleepwalking into the catastrophe. Today, with arsenals of thermonuclear weapons sufficient to extinguish civilization dozens of times over, the world is sleepwalking again to the abyss. 

The Schiller Institute is circulating  an urgent appeal entitled  
"Call to Stop the Immediate Danger of World War III.”   We urge you to sign and circulate the petition. You can print it out, you can send the link by email, or you can circulate it by social media. Here is a link you can also paste:

 This conference on September 12th is designed as an important part of the international mobilization to stop the immediate danger of confrontation against Russia and China and to give voice to permanent solutions to global conflicts and war.  

Schiller Institute chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche addressed these issues on August 21, in a presentation to the "2015 Silk Road International Academic Conference," held in Gyeongju, South Korea.  She said:

"Both President Putin, as well as President Xi Jinping, have emphasized, that while the BRICS are an organization of its own, they are open to collaboration with all other nations, including the United States, and European and Asian countries.  President Xi Jinping has called this an all-inclusive win-win policy, in which all participating nations will enjoy mutual benefits. President Putin has reiterated that openness. The concept of the New Silk Road is therefore the most important strategic initiative, because it is the only available policy on the table to overcome the idea of geopolitics, which was the basis of the two World Wars in the 20th century. The prospect that nations, or a group of nations, would have legitimate geopolitical interests which would pit them against each other, must be replaced with the idea, that there is a higher level of reason, on which historical, ethnic, or other conflicts disappear. Mankind must be defined in this way for the first time in its history by the common aims of the human species.

"This is not some vision for the far distant future, but it is the indispensable basis for an immediate intervention into the strategic situation today. Because there is the acute danger of a blowout of the transatlantic financial system, much more dangerous than the collapse of Lehman Brothers and AIG in September 2008, and directly related to that, the danger of the escalation of the confrontation between NATO and Russia and China into what could become a global thermonuclear war...

"It is that pending systemic collapse of the transatlantic financial system, which is the acute basis for the danger, that the West will indeed step into the much discussed Thucydides trap right now, resulting out of the same geopolitical reasons, described by the authors of the geopolitical doctrine, Mackinder and Milner, before World War I. That same impulse governs very much those who wishfully call Russia only a regional power, which is ludicrous in light of Russia's upgraded strategic nuclear capacities, or those who see in the rise of China something which must be contained. 

"The European Leadership Network, ELN, a think tank consisting of former European and Russian defense ministers, just issued a stern warning, that the presently ongoing maneuvers of NATO and Russia are making a war in Europe more likely. Russia prepares for a war against NATO, and NATO prepares for a confrontation against Russia, the study writes. Such a war however, would not be limited to Europe, it lies in the nature of nuclear weapons, that once they are used, it will become a global thermonuclear war, which would in all likelihood lead to the annihilation of the human species.

"In order to prevent that, it is urgent that the New Silk Road perspective be put even more energetically on the international agenda as a war avoidance policy.

"The Schiller Institute presented last year a 370-Page scientific study with the title, 
"The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land Bridge" which is the outline for an infrastructural integration of all continents, through a comprehensive system of fast train systems, highways, waterways, tunnels, and bridges as the arteries for development corridors. This comprehensive plan for the reconstruction of the world economy would provide enormous advantages for each participating country, enabling every part of the planet to participate in a win-win perspective."
September 12, 2015 at 11:00am - 2pm PDT
Mariner Square Alameda
2417 Mariner Square Loop
Alameda, CA 94501
United States
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    Please RSVP: Bay Area Viewing of September 12th Manhattan Project Conference
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