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Bertrand Russell, in 1895, Pre-Ordains that the Quantum and Relativity Will Never Be Discovered

The depths of the present strategic crisis, in which Obama’s actions drive a process that makes a US/NATO confrontation with Russia becomes more possible by the day, cannot be understood without posing the question: how have people, generally, allowed this situation to develop?

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A Brief Review “Food Security and Climate” White Paper by Joseph D’Aleo

LaRouchePAC recently initiated a “Defeat Green Fascism” campaign in response to the renewed push for a scare campaign around hypothetical catastrophic global warming caused by man’s activities.  Executive Intelligence Review will soon release a publication exposing the fraudulent premises of this, which have their roots in an intentional depopulation agenda.

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Physical Economic Case Study: Costs of the Failure to Go Nuclear – Part 1

There is no such thing as an infinitely sustainable steady state for an economic process. To exist an economy must continually generate and implement scientific and technological progress. Without this progress an economy will become entropic, drawing down resource supplies and requiring an increasing physical cost to society to produce and provide the capital goods needed by society. Perhaps one of the clearest examples is the failure of the US economy to fully embrace the revolutionary transition to nuclear power.

Here is part one of a brief, two-part investigation.  [Edit - Part two is available here]

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Vernadsky & LaRouche: There are No Limits to Growth!

By Meghan Rouillard

"Is continued technological progress indispensable for continued human existence, as well as simply advantageous?"

That is a question posed by Lyndon LaRouche in his 1984 economics textbook, "So, You Wish to Learn All About Economics?" It is a question to which he and Russian-Ukrainian biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky would answer: yes.

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