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 While the world careens, with the escalation of the Ukraine crisis acting as the trigger,  toward thermonuclear holocaust, the BRICS nations--Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and their allies--offer another direction for the world's future. Taking inspiration directly from the "American System" economics of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, these nations have declared that "development is the new name for peace."  More, they have proposed a new economic platform, with thermonuclear fusion power as the world's chief and next energy source. A fifteen to twenty-year crash program, centered on the Chinese space program's commitment to the mining of helium-3 on the moon, means that we have now entered the era of a near-space and extraterrestrial physical economy. All forms of present economic value have been implicitly transformed by this future-based economics.

The entropic, degenerate and decaying monetary economies of the trans-Atlantic region have lost the moral fitness to survive in their present form, in any way. Like all failed empires, they fail to see, that since the days of the founding of the British East India Company in 1763, their empire's inevitable demise was pre-determined by the "beast man" morality at its core. Human creativity as the source of all wealth--the economics at the heart  of Alexander Hamilton's four reports on public credit, a national bank, and the development of a manufacturing as opposed to a plantation/slave economy--is what must now prevail over the dying culture of the City of London/Wall Street "failed empire" policies.

The January 25th election result in Greece has just delivered a resounding defeat for the murderous austerity policy of that Empire. That outcome has given hope, not only to Greece, but to all the nations of Europe. Truly, the existing BRICS nations alternative, of returning to a policy in the interest of the common good of all people, can be realized.

Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt, popular delusions to the contrary. They will again try to cover this up, as they tried with the trillions-dollar bailout of 2008. They will employ sleight-of-hand monetary parlor tricks, but the physical reality will betray their incurable systemic internal decay. The United States must be protected against this imminent Wall Street/City Of London self-imposed collapse, lest our nation be driven to suicidal thermonuclear war as the price for tolerating "beast-man economics." 

We must provide all the necessary federal credit required for the immediate productive employment of our citizens, while we simultaneously shut down speculation through the re-imposition of the 1933-1999 Glass Steagall Act. This will prevent national chaos, re-establishing the "full faith and credit" of Alexander Hamilton's United States with the sovereign nations of Russia, China, India, etc. Prime Minister Modi's "one million new productive jobs per month" policy for India, should be the same for the United States, and the world's leading scientists should launch a crash international effort to establish viable commercial use of thermonuclear fusion power within 10-15 years, as an international Apollo Project.

This is what we ask of all American citizens, and what we ask of all world-citizens. As it was with our nation, so it is with the world: a single, indivisible community of principle--not  "world government" or "world company" --is what the world requires to survive the present drive to sure "unplanned but deliberate" thermonuclear obliteration.  China's President Xi Jinping placed the offer before U.S. President Barack Obama, that America should join with the BRICS nations. We, the American people, must initiate a mass movement, similar to the movements of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, that says "Yes!" to that offer, and overrule the desperate failures of the financially and morally bankrupt Wall Street.
February 14, 2015 at 11:00am - 2pm PST
3018 CARMEL St
Los Angeles, CA 90065
United States
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