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John Ascher, Host

You Are Invited to Participate in our weekly “Fireside Chat” with Lyndon LaRouche.

In the next eighteen months. Mr. LaRouche has decided to take the point in rebuilding the Presidency in the United States, by rekindling in the American citizens the sense of participation which comes from understanding the science-driver needed for our nation and civilization.

If you dial the number below, you can get the information you need to dial into a live discussion with hundreds gathering each Thursday evening for a telephone conference call with Lyndon LaRouche.

Mr. LaRouche discussed this in a recent meeting:

"Well, you know, you've got a thing," human beings say, "why aren't we progressing?"  And the answer is, they're not capable of answering that question.  And that's because, if you are not responding to the challenges around you in life, all kinds of  popular, productive challenges, you're a failure.  And the 20th century is the history of lives of failures.  Because, look at what the level of employment is.  Just think about it, reality, right now.  What is the quality of the employment of the typical human being, going from childhood to adulthood; what is the cases of successes? What percentile of the population of the United States is not degenerating?  In every kind of cultural effect:  in ignorance, in behavior, in the source of pleasure, in the choice of food, the choice of work, the choice of mission in life?  Do people call themselves responsible, for the improvement of the condition of life of the population?  That is, the self-condition of life?  The improvement of their minds, the improvement of their creative powers?  Their efficiency, their ingenuity?  The quality is, over the course of the 20 century has been a precipitous collapse, in the moral and intellectual quality of the population of the United States in particular.

"And people get so used to this stuff, they try to say, you've got to be practical. When somebody says, "you've got to be practical," I say, "well, I'm not ready to bury you, yet." It's the only honest statement you can make! Look at the condition of life, look at the education, of the human individual in the United States, degeneration by degeneration: Accelerated rates of degeneration. Look at culture, what is called not funny, it's called "entertainment," it's called "opinion," it's called "{being practical}." And practical people are useless people, less than useless people. 

"And therefore, our devotion, to putting a scientific driver cap on a reorganization of our organization, is simply normal thing. The normal thing of human progress. Do better today than you did yesterday, and after that, do better for tomorrow. And we used to have something like that. But with the 20th century, the moral, the intellectual, the practical value of the human has been in a decline."

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–John Ascher, Host

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