A Report from the Front Lines: If the Leadership is there, the American people will fight

LPAC organizers discussing the water crisis with people in the Central Valley.

 It's been two weeks since LaRouchePAC launched our current campaign to, 1. force the solutions to the current devastating California drought of leveraging the most cutting edge scientific resources available on the planet today, nuclear desalination, atmospheric ionization and continental water management, as a leading issue for the 2016 Presidential campaign, and 2. by doing so, provoking the American people to recognize that the current economic paradigm of "conservation in the name of the environment" has, and always had, a nasty, Nazi ideology at its core. This deadly paradigm, typified by Wall Street's current control over the U.S. Congress and our access to basic commodities, and revealed to be fully at play during a meeting our organizers had with a leading water "expert" in Sacramento, prompted Lyndon LaRouche to ask, "How many Americans will defend themselves from this Wall Street-run, Nazi-environmentalist operation to reduce the fresh water supply to a limited group of people?" Below is summary report of responses we've gotten from our fellow citizens on precisely this issue of their own, and the future survival of the United States.

Where your food is grown: A report from the Central Valley

Over the course of the last week, a team of LaRouchePAC organizers took the fight for creativity and science vs. the Nazi environmentalists directly to ground zero of today's drought crisis—the people of the Central Valley, California. The organizers brought a concise message to the Central Valley: if California and the nations are going survive this crisis, it begins with ending the Jerry Brown-lead Nazi occupation in California, which means simultaneously eliminating the Bush league legacy of speculation on scarce resources (think: Enron), and replacing these deadly policies with real science. After all, if anyone knows that the water is there, it's the people of California.

In general, our organizers received an intense and thoughtful response from the population, most of whom recognized that they are first in line for genocide due to Brown's fascist response to the drought. Literally, no one we talked to believed Jerry Brown's lie that there are no solutions—though they had varying ideas on what the solutions might be. Many had heard of nuclear desalination, some knew about NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance, but fewer knew about the ionization experiments and were very provoked about the idea of man getting greater mastery over the water cycle of the planet.

One common response was, "Why are they building that rail line from Fresno to Bakersfield when we need water?" This presented a useful opportunity to discuss the BRICS and China, and take them through how China is building rail AND water because they have a commitment to improving the population. Over 100 BRICS pamphlets were distributed, along with 300 copies of Ben Deniston's "New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis", and 1000 leaflets of the LPAC Press Release, not to mention the online activity we generated from our presence. This is just the beginning, and is the basis from which we can mobilize the entire nation around the what is truly a national mission, and a decisive factor in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Leveled fruit orchard.

Orchards left to ruin on the way to Porterville, CA.

Day by Day Anecdotes

Support, contributions and discussion came from all layers of the population and political spectrum. A guy who supplies machines to almond farmers, marched over to our table to see what we were doing, was very intrigued on both desalination and ionization. Another guy who signed up was against both Brown and Obama, and upon seeing our Children of Satan book on the table, pointed to Dick Cheney's face on the cover and said, "That's the most evil man on the planet." Another woman, who claimed to not know us, started briefing our organizers on the treason of the Bush family. A Filipino woman who is a doctor signed up for our weekly updates and said she wanted to go back to the Philippines to fight for water development there. Two Hispanic women who were fed up with the party system, against Hillary and Bush, and knew about desalination, said, "They want to keep us poor and dumb." Both signed up and contributed. A farmer who contributed, responded, "If we lose the food here, people will starve all over the world." Most people supported nuclear desalination and were against the greenies.

In Tulare, there was no argument from the population that Jerry Brown is nuts and needs to go, and many clearly had been doing their own investigations of some of the solutions we've been discussing. One man started briefing our organizer on NAWAPA, and was astounded to see our special report, and another woman, who doesn't believe the hysteria of man-made climate change, had heard of the studies done on cosmic radiation and the correlation to climate on Earth. One guy who contributed responded very sharply when we challenged him that its up to the population to take on this Nazi program of Jerry Brown and Obama. A woman who worked for the Chamber of Commerce did a U-turn to stop by our table at the post office, but freaked out when she saw it was LaRouche. After a short discussion, it was clear the problem was that she wanted to defend Wall Street! She stormed away from the table in anger when an organizer showed her the EIR on the Bush Family Treason.

A woman who stopped at the table and initially declined to support us—citing the fact that she's got too much junk emails from groups that aren't doing anything—said at a certain point in the discussion, "We can't trust Putin", the organizer responded, "Russia isn't the aggressor, they lost 20+ million to fascism in WW2, and we need to work with Russia and the BRICS." She signed up and purchased the LPAC BRICS pamphlet.

A woman whose family has had a walnut farm for four generations responded very sharply to the discussion about the difference between man and animal, and how California would still be a wasteland without what FDR, JFK, and Pat Brown did to bring water to the state.

Across the board, people agreed that Jeb and Hillary were not options for the presidency because they're both tools of Wall St., and wanted to look at what we're saying about O'Malley and the fight for Glass-Steagall. We signed up the former mayor of a small town in the Central Valley, who came up to congratulate us on what were doing. One guy, who is on the water board in his town, signed up, took extra literature and will consider letting us speak before the board. Another farmer told us that he had to sell what little water he had left on his farm to his neighbor, because he didn't have enough to work his own land. A regional representative from a company that makes equipment for dairy farms signed up for a membership and took a large stack of literature. He had a strong response on the Nazi nature of the greenies and stayed by the table for a longer discussion on Lyn's 40-year history.

Thinking Americans Respond

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country in New York, on a site where most of the response we generate is from foreigners concerned about U.S. foreign policy, when our organizers were able to pose the water crisis as what typifies the current failed paradigm and perfectly reflects the Nazi faction in the White House (telling people Jerry Brown is California's Obama), suddenly, Americans from all over the country began popping up! People from California, Texas and Arizona stopped by our table to discuss the crisis with us, each communicating their concerns of how the crisis is being handled. One woman told us, "The water is there! We are just being stupid!" Another American, familiar with atmospheric ionization systems was happy to see that we were proposing this as an integral part of our campaign. A Brazilian couple was thrilled to see us making such a big deal out of the drought. Brazil is similarly suffering from an intense drought they told us, and when they saw us, they recognized what an important issue this is for the whole planet, particularly the way we were approaching it.

While this is merely a snapshot of our day to day work, what is evident from these short reports, is that where there is leadership, and real, scientific solutions, people will respond because they want to survive!


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