New Paradigm Show - September 7, 2016, 4pm EDT


Join us for an update on the galactic water perspective featuring a new study by Svensmark and Shaviv that is determining your life in our solar-galactic climate. For background see

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  • Brian O'Neill
    commented 2016-09-24 12:11:13 -0400
    Great show. I have 5 questions :
    1. The Neutron (half life 11 min) flux variations during the flare activity must surely be a secondary effect of the cosmic ray flux in the upper atmosphere (protons and heavier nuclei), similar to the effect notice in the Space Station where the astronauts were issued with bubble dosimeters because of this? What of the muon flux?
    2. The solar system orbit about the rotating galaxy must surely mean the other stellar systems are also orbiting? Somehow one gets the idea the “arms” are stationary, but yet are stellar concentrations. The “density wave” explanation somehow does not seem to add up. That “pinwheel” galaxy is definitely rotating too.
    3. Kepler’s 3 laws apply to the solar system with 99% mass centered, but the galaxy has 300 billion stars in the disc and “only” 4 million solar masses centered. This causes the entire “dark matter” discussion. The solar system is thus affected by the gravity of the disc and the central mass. Is this what causes the 30 mllion year “bobbing” above and below the galactic plane into the bow-shock?
    4. There is a fascinating video clip showing “rain” in the lower solar corona, where flare plasma very clearly forms “drops”, falls back and cools. A very provocative question – would these “drops” also need nucleation, like aerosols here, by high energy cosmic radiation?
    5. I notice no mention this time of the CERN CLOUD Experiment by Kirkby et. al. that confirrmed Svensmark’s work. Would’nt it be ironic if fusion stellerators required CERN’s high energy proton beam to nucleate plasma? (maybe a look again at muon catalyzed fusion?)
  • David Dobrodt
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