11 - Series Wrap Up

December 20, 2017 — The wrap-up.

We've enjoyed your participation during this 2017 course on Lyndon LaRouche's economics. For a final review class we will focus on three themes:

1. The metrics of economics: what must economists measure?
2. The origin of economic growth: understanding and measuring creative discovery
3. The future: creating policy

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  • Elghi Segovia
    commented 2017-12-21 00:30:08 -0500
    Dear Meghan,

    Following your immensely wise economics series. I am an expert in electricity generation (Germany).
    Just lessening your #11 Wrap up Series and you mentioned that " by replacing conventional PPlants by Fission or Fusion reactors the cost of electricity would fall down to almost nil " . Please, that might become truth maybe with future FUSION PPLANTS in the future. Nowadays elec. generation using Fission PPlants results in costs of about 8 – 12 US Cents for each kWh, since implementation costs are at ab. 4000 – 6000 US$/kW (see last 1500 MW PPlant in Finland, by EDF , final cost of 9 -10 Billion US$ after 8 years constr. time )

    Best regards,
    Dipl.- Ing Elghi E. Segovia
    Energy & HydroPPlants Expert
  • Jonathan Thron
    commented 2017-12-20 13:23:33 -0500
    To pick up a theme that you spoke of during last week’s class: how can it be proven that artificial intelligence isn’t possible in the sense of it being able to create new scientific revolutions? And is that the same difference as between logic and creativity?
    (Question by Jonathan Thron, Berlin)
  • Jonathan Thron
    commented 2017-12-20 12:13:19 -0500
    Studying Mr LaRouche’s scientific method makes me really excited, since it is the basis for finding answers to most of current and possibly future questions. And he has called humanity a potentially immortal species, since humanity ist able to potentially solve any problem. That’s great!
    And in this light, what would you say, what is the foundation for optimism and do you think, that this foundation is related to the foundation of a nation state?
    (Question by Jonathan Thron, in Berlin)
  • Daniel Richards
    commented 2017-12-20 11:54:15 -0500
    Hey folks, just wanted to say thank you for this class series. We need more of this kind of thing from LPAC. Merry Christmas. :)

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