Ongoing Campaigns

Join us to create a LaRouche-Hamilton economic recovery!

Activist Organizing Page—We composed a comprehensive organizing tool-kit, providing you with everything you need to orgnaize with us: background material, ideas to intervene, and a space to read what others are doing and to share your own organizing experience.

The Hamiltonian: Voice of the LaRouche Movement

Read and distribute the LaRouche movement's weekly publication distributed en masse in NYC. Available in pdf and on the website.

Join our weekly National Activist Conference Call

Every Thursday, a leader of the LaRouche movement hosts a Q&A discussion with activists across the nation. Call 800-929-7566 ahead of time for more information.

We are leading the fight in the United States to prevent World War III and fully develop the economy and culture of the nation in a manner befitting the unique nature of mankind.

We are financed solely by people like you.