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LaRouchePAC brings sanity to Washington amidst the British Intelligence blitz against the Presidency

Wednesday, January 11, delegations of LaRouche PAC organizers went to Congress, demanding implementation of LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery. A majority of the meetings were held with senior staff or members of Congress themselves.

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Letter to the Editor: New Glass-Steagall Act needed

The following letter was submitted by a LaRouchePAC activist and published by the San Angelo Standard Times, October 24, 2016

The USA is in trouble with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as candidates for president.

Trump's locker room talk and bankrupt gambling halls are no example of an efficient president. Clinton's so-called foreign relations "experience" has been support of wars of aggression against sovereign nations was based on lies against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria. These are war crimes against humanity, producing thousands killed and homeless.

The support for sanctions against Russia did more damage to the American and European farmers than for Russia, which is now the No. 1 exporter of wheat. Ask our Texas Plains and Panhandle farmers about that.

Clinton supported the cover-up of Saudi Arabia's participation in 9/11 until Congress finally released the 28 pages of a report; Obama's veto was overridden by Congress without our representative's vote. Now American weapons are imposing genocide on Yemen with Clinton support.

We need Congress to step up and vote in a new FDR Glass-Steagall Act, which was listed in both parties' platforms. Citizens need to call our congressmen to get the Glass-Steagall Act passed before the coming financial global disaster is upon us. This would split regular banking from the investment in derivatives.

Then a Hamiltonian policy needs to be established to rebuild infrastructure and we should support the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa association to rebuild the world through peace and prosperity.

Baltimore Sun (online) posts L2E critical of editorial attacking Russia,Syria re: Aleppo

The  letter was posted after 11 days after much editing.They left out parts that attacked the whole "Regime Change" policy of Bush and Obama, my attack on the "White Helmets" operation, and the 'BRICS" development policy.

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Letter to the Editor

I recently had a Letter to the Editor posted in the Asbury Park Press which has readership in about 1/3 of New Jersey. The letter was entitled " J.A.S.T.A. now Glass-Steagall". here is the link to access and forward the letter to others.

LaRouche's Four Laws and an end to Obama/Saudi Genocide

          Last weekend in Dearborn, MI the Yemeni American community held two events in response to the horrific attack on a well-attended funeral for a Houthi military leader. Friday night, they held a memorial honoring the hundreds of innocent Yemeni civilians that had been murdered by Saudi Arabia in that attack. Saturday they organized a demonstration against the ruthless Saudi war. A few of our activists in the area have spoken many times with leaders in the Arabic community about the necessity of removing Obama from office, ending the perpetual war policy, and orienting the US towards the new paradigm of global economic development. There has been little disagreement with our program, and even less when it comes to ending the wars, but they have managed to maintain a strange, apologetic stance on Obama.     

LaRouchePAC organizer being interviewed.

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LPAC Confronts Minnesota Senator Franken at campaign event

Kevin E., an LPAC activist in St. Paul, MN, sent in this report of his intervention at a campaign event for Minnesota state legislators in Eagan, MN, attended by US Senator Al Franken. The event was attended by about 30-40 people. Kevin reported that Franken went on and on about how bad the Republicans were, until Kevin decided to break the monotony and interrupt his speech, asking him, "What about Obama? You complain about the Republicans, yet Obama is the one who wants to go to war with Russia and China over Syria, not to mention the fact that he just bragged about stopping Glass-Steagall in a recent Economist article." Franken did not respond, other than to say that they could discuss it later during the Q&A session, which they did.

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New York City Engineers Awakened to the Potential of the World Land-Bridge

Last week, I had the opportunity to present a picture of the new paradigm represented by the New Suez Canal and World Land-Bridge to an assembly of 45 civil  engineers in Manhattan, as the invited guest lecturer. This was one of series of official “continuing education” lectures that engineers are required to attend several times a year to maintain their state licenses. Many of the attendees enthusiastically became contacts, and at least four reports on our program were sold. In the two-part presentation, with a dinner break in the middle, the Suez Canal expansion project served to set the stage.

[Jason Ross speaking to a group of ASCE engineers]

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